Loss of person detection with Cam Plus Lite and V2 Wyze

Some time recently I updated the iOS Wyze app.

Then a short while later I realised I was not getting Person notifications on my iPhone.

I went into the App and I forget exactly what setting I changed but I tried to “toggle” person detection off to trigger it back on, but when I tried to turn it back on the setting had changed and wouldn’t allow me to turn on Person detection (all it does is invite me to join Cam Plus).

I have checked my subscriptions and it still says I am enrolled to Cam Plus Lite (which is currently at $0).

Can anyone help?

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Same. 5 out of 6 cameras no longer have person detection.

I lost the person detection on several cams after they refused to connect so I had to remove then re-add them. I think it’s designed that way to make people upgrade.

Never attribute to malice that which…

Did you re-assign the cameras to either CamPlus or CamPlus Lite after re-adding them?