Person detection?

Hello so if anyone can help me out there I have
on the cam one and V2 devices since the
beginning. I have lost my person detection?
Now I go to service/ Cam Plus Lite and when I
click on the add Cameras it says no applicable
cameras for license??? It won’t let me add on
my cameras? Which I have had for over 2-3
years? They used to notify me with person
detection but now they do not? Why can’t I add
the cameras? I don’t understand. Does anyone
understand what I’m talking about? Omg any
help would be great here. For some reason
Wyze help desk will not reply or contact me
back about this issue. If anyone can help I
would be great full. I love these cameras but
without person detection notifying me they are
pretty much useless for my situation. I just need
the person detection to notify me. But I cannot
add cameras to the cam plus lite? Thank you for any help

Sorry your having this issue, can you check if the cam is currently assigned to cam plus lite.

Check in the account > services tab if the camera name is listed on the CPL liscense

Did you sign up for Cam Plus Lite? If you did not you can’t add the cams. Go to and click on your account top right of page and sign up or see what your account says.

Others have had an issue with the PD AI stopping.

They have found that unassigning the cam from it’s current license, closing the app, reopening, and reassigning the cam back to the licence clears the issue.

If not, repeat the same steps, but do a Cache Clear and Sign Off in the Account → App Settings before closing the app and force closing in the OS.