Cam Plus Lite Missing

So I deleted my oldest camera from the app last night while this stupid outage was happening. Now I don’t have the grandfathered person detection I used to have. I checked services tab and went under the cam plus lite section and the camera is on the list and I have it checked.

How do I get person detection back on the cam plus lite on this particular camera?

Now my detection grids are missing back to the square stretch to fit.

Wyze really needs to do something about these outages. Man this company used to be so good before it started building a gadget for everything. They should have just stuck to making cameras

Log ID:

No one helped me. I fixed it myself. Maybe this information will be helpful for someone else with the same problem. I logged into my account on the web and on the “My services” page I checked the box to add my camera again, for some reason it was unchecked. Not sure why there is services tab /page on the app to make changes if it doesn’t work. Whatever I guess you get what you pay for.

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Sorry for the delay, I just saw your thread and was about to come tell you to try to do it through the web. I’m glad you were able to figure it out.

They are in the middle of a transition to a new implementation, and the changeover in the backend rendered this section temporarily inaccessible in the app. This will be fixed soon. They are aware and working on launching some new stuff soon that should resolve this to start working in the app again after the launch of whatever they’re working on that changed the backend systems. For now, we have to use the website.

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Thanks for your response. My detection grids are gone now I’m back to the stretch to fit square on the detection zone. Do you know what I need to do to fix that?

Let me inform @WyzeJasonJ of this issue because they thought they fixed it back in October when they said they found what was causing it and corrected it. If it’s reappeared, they should at least be aware of what was causing it and be able to fix it again now. Here is the last time I heard of this happening and them announcing they fixed it:

Jason will see this and pass it on, but just to be sure, can you check what firmware version your camera is on, and can you submit a log for that camera and post the log number in here so he has something to pass on to the devs so they can look into it?

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Log ID: 1386864

Well I hope they fix it soon because I just noticed that on its own it loses person detection I have to go back into services on the app click on cam plus lite Open the list and then go back to the notification settings of the camera for person detection to work. It’s like it comes on and then it goes off on its own and I have to do this all over again. It doesn’t stay on

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