Cameras haven’t detected a person in a week or so

I’ve done every thing suggested online but my cameras haven’t detected a person in 1-2 weeks. It will detect motion but not people. I also have it connected to my Alexa and there haven’t been any detections in a while. Not sure what to do short of deleting devices and setting them up again. I don’t really want to do that if it doesn’t solve the issue anyway. Anyone else having this issue?

Do you have the Version One or Version Two Battery Powered Outdoor Cam, Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?
I know nothing about Alexa but I assume you are talking about Notifications that the camera has captured an event? I only have version one WCO and the person detection works on all four of them with cam plus lite and I do get notifications on my phone if I turn them on.

I had the same problem on a v3. Had to delete it from the app and add it back. Alexa relies on Wyze AI to detect a person so no detection by Wyze no alert from Alexa.

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I have many V3 cameras six of them are at the front of the house and I always get person detection from all of them, this morning I only got person detection from one camera and all day yesterday there were problems I am very familiar with the whole system I know every trick but I hate when I have to rely on my ring cameras for person detection it’s a big letdown that’s why I cannot rely on one system.

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Totally agree. Wyze AI tends to be somewhat unreliable. I have multiple cameras as well and some work well, others not so much. It seems every few months something goes wrong. There should NOT be a need to delete and re-add cameras to get them working with CamPlus or CamPlus Lite, but the reality seems to contradict that theory.


Something is definitely going on I have zero person notification it’s not my cameras it is not my internet it’s the server and AI… I can get notifications for everything else just not person and I haven’t changed anything on my cameras I’m well aware of how they work.

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Out of 15 WYZE cameras the only camera that’s giving me person detection is one battery camera the V1 I bought a long time ago that’s sad I have to rely on my four ring cameras.

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Have you tried deleting and re-adding ONE camera to see if that fixes the problem? Not desirable as a solution, but if you need the cameras to work it may be worth a try.

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All of my v3 cameras on firmware .4054 are accurately tagging Persons. I am on CPL if that makes a difference. If you like Ring, Costco currently has $50 off the StickUp and Floodlight cams.

I had a V3 camera that was working with CPL but not CamPlus. I had to delete and re-add it to get it working with CamPlus.

A couple of months ago I had some v3 cameras on firmware The ones on Cam Plus the Status light stayed Blue during Live Stream viewing and Event Video uploading. The v3 cameras on CPL would turn Red when they should. Definitely a firmware bug that was associated with Cam Plus only.

I don’t want to jinx myself but so far today all my cameras are working perfectly they definitely did something with the AI because now I can have moving vehicle detection and not detect cars in my driveway that are not moving in my event window but not have a notification for it and that’s perfect I want to see cars that go by but I don’t need to be notified and everything’s working perfect today I hope it lasts

I spoke too soon smh

I am having the same issue with outdoor cam v1. I have s veral Wyze ceras and products but this ore ently purchased camera only occasionally senses a person and then only as a motion event. I have a v3 outdoor cam and a competitors cam In the same area and they both detect fine. I was also disappointed to learn that v1 does not allow continuous recording, as this is why I purchased Wyze brand. I have no filters, and sensitivity and distance are set to maximum. The blue light in the back is solid when recording as but no event is recorded. will try deleting and re-adding the camera as suggested here. All support options take me to the chat bot.

Outdoor Version camera are still for sale???
I have four of the Version one Battery powered outdoor cams, they are all on Cam Plus Lite and they all detect Person (Which is the only smart detection they have). You need to be aware that since the camera uses PIR and needs to wake up with motion detection prior to recording you need a wide field of view in the PIR zone and the motion will work best with motion side to side across the PIR Zone.

Thanks for the advice. I was using Cam Plus )full version, not lite). Since deleting and re-adding the camera and switching to Cam Plus Lite I am getting lots of motion notifications (unfortunately false alerts) but at least the motion sensing seems to be better.

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