Wyze plugs KEEP going offline, with only fix being pulling it and replugging it in

There is a new firmware for these currently being tested that is supposed to fix this issue


Hi Jason. Can any of us help test?

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If so, count me in.

You can if you would like, to get to the beta firmware go to account in the app (lower right). Then scroll down to and tap on ‘About’ (very bottom). After that the bottom should say ‘Beta Program’, go into that. Click on Edit in the upper right. Then find Wyze Plug CFH and toggle it on and save. You should now be able to update the firmware on those plugs to the beta version which at this time is


Woke up this morning with two plugs in a failed state again running the beta firmware. Fixed one by removing it from the outlet but when I plugged it back in it went into setup mode and I had to add it back to my account. Haven’t fixed the second one yet.

New log: 473224

After adding second plug, log: 473266

Have you had issues with plugs going offline? I’ve deleted and reinstalled four plugs multiple times. They stay online for a day or two, and then disconnect. Its been like this for at least three weeks now.

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Is there an ETA when that firmware will be released? As much fun as it is walking in the dark around my house (lol…) it’d be nice for these to get working again. Unplugging and replugging doesn’t seem to make a difference.

You can add the beta version of it and test it right now. The cam beta worked for me, I bet the plug beta will help you.

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Woke up to a couple new “blinkers” again this morning. One was on the new firmware. Log 473452 for that one. The other had to be readded, It had old firmware as apparently the update failed on it.

Add me to the group with the same issues. Three new plugs all fail. Sometimes unplug and plug them back in, but mostly they go back to setup with a constantly flashing light. The old plug keeps trucking.
Annoying is trying to use these for security when we’re remote to one house, which would require a 1500 mile trip to reset it.


It is not so bad when you just have to unplug and re-plug them, but when you have to delete and re-add them it is a pain. The only use I see for them now is the nice little power button on the side, and the blinking light that helps you find them in the dark. I guess it does give you about an inch of extension too. I hope they fix this problem soon, I am about to give up.


No need to delete, at least for me. I just re-add/re-pair and they work again for a few days.

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Well, since one might assume they are part of a security plan, the problem is that you have to physically be there in order to do that.
But I agree when you are there, it is a pain to add them again.

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Not sure why anyone would want to test it after Wild Bills post.

Give it more time. It starts that way…then wham they blink forever while all other devices around it work on the same wifi network.

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Catching up on this thread. I really hope they don’t rush some firmware out claiming it is fixed when it isn’t. Please get this right the…2nd time!

I also believe everyone that owns a set of plugs should be offered a credit for the MAJOR inconvenient that this is causing. I was almost late for an appointment because I had to sit and wait for my coffee to finish brewing at home. My plug went offline in the middle of the night and my timer didn’t turn the plug on which in turn brews my coffee in the morning. I’m not happy! Being late for that appointment would not have been good to say the least. Me without coffee in the morning is also not good.

In other words: FIX YOUR STUFF (you know what it said before I edited this post…twice)

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Lol, that’s funny. My question is why they just didn’t roll back to the last working version and redeploy it as a new one.
I have all my new ones pulled, wasn’t worth the hassle.

My guess is when they added the logging functionality via the firmware update that screwed everything up, there is no way to remove that capability. Thus they are now stuck trying to tame the monster that they created.

IT truism that applies to WYZE: Some times we are our own worst enemy.


I have been working an entire 10 days. Hopefully they found something?