No event notifications

I have 3 WYZE CAMs online. They were all working fine doing event recordings and notifications. But no! Silly me decided to tweak some of the advanced settings and rules.
Now none of my cameras are doing event recordings (12 sec. videos) and notifications. My cameras and recordings are working fine otherwise. I have backtracked through all of the menus and rules and everything seems to be turned on. The detection zones are working because pics are being recorded to my SD drives. I just never see notifications or clips on the WYZE app. Help!

A number of us are having this problem - Wyze is working on it.

Missing notifications - Cloud/Platform - In-progress

Thanks for the update.

Well, hopefully it’s an update! I just noticed that the Known Bugs list may have been last updated 24 days ago :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, and I just really started have the missing events/notifications issue within the last week or two.

My symptoms are exactly as you describe, but am also getting mysterious missing gaps in the SD card continuous recording - three or four second gaps every 4-6 hours or so - occur at slightly different times on different cams, and not necessarily related to when an event should have been recorded.

The problem seems to be with the app I deleted The WYZE app from my phone. I totally removed the app from the Apps menu, downloaded the latest WYZE app. Voila, the missing notifications and clips magically appeared. The only thing I did out of the ordinary on my previous app was to enable the people recognition beta version.
Easy to try.

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Yes it was easy, and yes it did seem to make things better. :slightly_smiling_face:

After seeing your post last night, I turned off the PR notifications and turned off PR under Wyze Services. Turned everything else on. Did not remove/reinstall the app.

Today those cams are once again detecting dump trucks when they pull into the yard. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure how adding PR would so completely blind the existing sound and motion detection, but apparently that’s what it did.


I’m having a similar issue. With PR turned on, I’ve been getting notifications from all enabled cameras. I also have two sensors set up on doors and they also send push notifications when there’s an event. So…that’s kinda good and working as expected but only when I’m actively using my phone.

I noticed when my android phone has been sitting idle and the “screen timeout” occurs or I press the “lock” button to make the screen go dark and lock the phone, that’s when the push notifications stop. At that point I no longer get any push notifications from Wyze.

I also have a SkyBell installed and monitored via the native Skybell app on the same phone. It continues to successfully push notifications to my phon eeven when the screen timeout has occurred and the phone sits idle for a long time but no such thing from the Wyze. Wyze notifications only arrive after I hit the button on my phone to get to the locked screen…effectively waking the phone up.

All the notification buttons on the Wyze app are turned on ( each camera and sensor plus the app splash page). All the notification settings in the Android OS are also turned on for Wyze including data saver ( when I’m not in Wifi mode). Keep in mind this is all with People Recognition turned On, other motion and sound are turned off.

This happens whether I have People recognition turned On and other motion turned off, vice versa. Phone is a Galaxy S7 running Android 8.0.0 Samsung Experience version 9.0.0