Continuous Recording and SD Card questions

Sounds like this situation

If I install an SD card, and continuously record with the “record events only” setting, will it also save the clips to the cloud?

Yes, the two settings are independent of each other.


I have a question, is there any way to have true continuous recording other than the 1 minute clips I am getting? It is a pain to view each separate clip on my PC instead of reviewing a longer, truly continuous clip. Alert settings are set to motion and sound, advanced settings are set to record to 64 GB micro sd, formatted by the cam, continuous recording. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Ron

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With VLC player You can just sit back and it will play all The clips In succession

Yeah, I got it but this is really not a solution. You still have to view endless succession of 1 minute clips, not practical time wise for me. There needs to be a real solution other than manually recording a clip and staying in the app to do so. WYZE just doesn’t support this at the time.

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Dear @MaxS

I found your comment searching through the forums looking for any information about continuous recording to an SD card (not using Wifi) and why segments of time might be missing. I am using a few Wyze cameras (V2) to record nocturnal animal behavior, but as of now in a space without a Wifi connection - the settings were made while on Wifi to stay on night-vision mode and to record continuously (no alerts, motion captures, motion following is off). The cameras each have a brand new, high speed SD card in them which was formatted using the app and generally work quite well.

However, since at the moment I have no Wifi connection, the time stamp is wrong, so I’ve been recording the time using my voice at the start of the evening and in the morning when I collect the cameras I back up the SD card and manually input the time stamp by hour (renaming each folder). This is how I noticed that around 15-40 minutes are randomly missing each night (usually around 20). I’ve used 32GB and 64GB cards, it’s always the same result. As the SD card saves video minute by minute, even if it seemingly skips some minutes it seems to simply rename the next saved video in sequential order (therefore I cannot tell exactly where a minute or more is missing).

I also noticed that some saved video clips are under 60s - those are missing the time stamp at the start of the video, e.g. beginning at 0:23 and playing for 37 seconds. My assumption is that some of the missing data (at the scale of a minutes or more) is from before these clips. Either the SD card fails to process/save or the camera fails somehow.

I then tested the camera on a Wifi connection and aimed it at a clock, and somehow there were no missing data or recording problems. Maybe although the cameras work off of Wifi, they are better at processing/saving data on it?

Have you experienced something similar? Do you have any ideas what might be causing this issue?


When I setup for continuous recording to SD card and have internet connection I find most of the time the SD card has numerous one minute videos. One time it did record one video of several hours on the SD card.

How do I setup so it does not record numerous one minute videos? Thank you much!

I see this reply is nearly a year old, so I’d be interested in knowing if this option is being considered for adding as a new feature?

I suggest that ‘record on event’ and ‘continuous recording’ shouldn’t be a full-time binary option, but rather each of these should be able to be scheduled (clearly not overlapping!). In my case, I’d like the ability to have continuous recording set for during the day, but switch to ‘on event’ when it is dark.

My cameras located outside and with no permanently-on lighting - so approximately half my SD cards are simply dark fuzzy images; being able to set these by time would allow me to expand my period of recordings before the SD card gets full by nearly double.

I am also not happy with the other compromise, ie that of having ‘on event’ recordings during the day, as this is failing to pick up all motion, whatever the sensitivity settings.

Thanks for considering this again!

@jonathan18 The topic below, if implemented, would address your idea of scheduling SD card recording mode. You can vote for it by hopping over there and click the VOTE button at the top:

Thanks, have done so, I had wondered why the actions list was relatively limited, so expanding this would make the cameras so much more flexible.

I installed an SD card today and set to continuous recording. I was under the impression based on what I read that recording is only continuous as long as motion is detected, but I noticed my green colored clips in the playback span hours long. Even the uncolored time periods seem to show continuous playback which doesn’t make sense because this isn’t what wyze offers. Can someone explain what’s happening?

There is a support article on SD cards. MicroSD Card: Playback and Time Lapse

Thank you. I had no idea the Wyze could record continuously. Is there a reason people opt for motion activated recording vs continuous? How does the continuous recording affect the 12 second cloud clips?

The 12 second event notification videos are separate from the local recordings on the SD card. There is no 5 minute cooldown period for the SD recorded events. My personal recommendation is to set the SD recording to “Record on event”, especially if you are using the bare minimum supported cards in the camera. If you need to record continually, I would recommend purchasing “high-endurance” SD cards designed to work in constant recording devices, similar to dashcams. If you search for high endurance on the forum, you will find a few topics discussing them. Good luck! :slight_smile:


And, FYI, the SanDisk High Endurance 32GB card just dropped to $10 on Amazon:

So i noticed there are gaps in the continuous recordings I.e. gray colored sections in the timeline when it truly continuous the entire timeline would be colored. Is it an sd card issue or what is going on?

THis could be useful as I may not have access to WiFi for the camera, but I may try a larger sd card since I won’t be able to access the footage remotely to monitor the premises and can’t visit the cam every couple days. I may have to install a motion sensor light as well to provide adequate lighting for the cam to record at night.

I think you may find that it’s just a matter that the shading didn’t update but there is actually video on the card in those areas.

Is there any timeline on adding a simple motion detection/recording schedule based on Days instead of just hours??

I typically work 9-6 M-F and I want my cameras to detect motion during this time as the house is generally empty.
However, on Sat and Sun I am usually up and about the house all day long meaning I receive a million motion alerts and have to disable notifications altogether every weekend.
This is really a pain… and more importantly, (as has happened to me multiple times now), it opens up the possibility of me forgetting to turn alerts back on and missing an important event.

Every major security camera manufacturer, even the smaller no-name Chinese brands offer the ability to schedule by day and hrs, what’s going on here guys??

Other than that, huge fan of your products and the moment HomeKit Integration is added I plan to replace my Ring cams and use nothing but these all around my home.