Backgound video possible?

Hi All,

Just got my Wyze cam and it works great but i do have a question. I want to record video continuously in the background overnight for sleep tracking. The iPhone app seems to stop recording if i leave the app and come back. Same goes for if screen saver kicks in which is a requirement of my job email.

I assume I am missing something.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You need to install a microSD card in the camera which will let you record continuously. It will also let you record a time lapse video, which might be perfect for your use case. The card should be 32GB or less and Class 10. One example:


See this section of the online help:


Sorry should have included in my description. i have a 32GB card class 10 in the camera and its been recognized. I re-formatted it just in case. Local recording to SD card is turned on and continuous recording is highlighted. Recording seems to work fine if I keep the Wyze app open and active, but as soon as I return to the home screen the recording stops and the file is saved to the album.



Thanks for the further info. When you have recording to the card set to continuous, it will keep recording to the card even if the Wyze app is not running. However, when you are in playback mode and tap the record button, that is actually saving (in real time) to your phone’s album, what has already been recorded on the card. The difference is between recording to the card, and transferring, in real time, that recording to your phone’s camera roll. I can see where this could be confusing.

For the transfer from the card recording to the album to occur, the app has to be in the foreground. Clearly, this is not feasible for you. So what can you do about it?

One option is to remove the card from the camera, insert it into your computer, and transfer the video files to the computer directly. The video files on the card are recorded in one minute increments. There is a folder for each day. Each day folder contains a folder for each hour (24 of them). Within each hour folder are 60 one-minute video files. You will need a video player than can play sequential video files as one stream. VLC player is one such free app.

The second option is to use time lapse. See the time lapse section in the link I provided above. The advantage of time lapse is that it results in a single video file that can be downloaded to the phone’s album with one tap, without removing the card from the camera. Also, for sleep tracking, if you set the rate to something like a frame every 3-5 seconds, it will potentially greatly reduce the time it takes for you review the footage without losing any important detail.