Recording Video

This might sound like a dumb question but I’m stumped.

If I press the record button to record a video, I can’t seem to leave that screen and use my phone for anything else without stopping the video.

How can I keep recording and use my phone for other things? Thanks for your help.

That’s not possible. The app must remain in the foreground for the video stream, and hence its recording, to continue. It could be problematic if it didn’t work this way… people would be eating up data in the background and not realize it.

The solution is to install a microSD card in the camera which can be set to record continuously or motion-event only. You can then play back from within the app or remove the card and transfer the video to a computer. 32GB Class 10 microSD cards can be purchased from Wyze or online (eg Amazon) for a little over $10.

Rick, thank for the reply.

I have a 32gb sd card installed in the camera and have it set to “Local recording” and also set to “Continuous Recording”
If I press “Record” and if I want continuous recording while I’m not home, how can I use my phone for other things? If I want to make a call I have to stop recording.

The Alert Detection is working fine for the 12 seconds but I can’t seem to figure out how to keep continuous recording running and use my phone for other things.

Thanks for any help.

Let me see if I can clarify… Since you have set up local recording to the mSD card, it will be recording all the time, whether or not you have the Wyze app open on your phone. In fact, your phone could be totally shut off. You do NOT need to press the record button. When you want to view the recording saved on the mSD card, you press the green View Playback button on the Live Stream view of the camera. You will see a timeline appear below the video frame. You can scroll this timeline to view different time periods and you can pinch-out the timeline to zoom in the time scale for finer control.

When you press the record button, you are telling the app to save what you’re seeing on the screen to your phone’s local camera roll. That can be the live stream or the playback stream. Again, it’s not necessary to do this because the video is being saved to the camera’s mSD card all the time. Now, if you want to save a portion of the Live Stream or of the mSD card video to your phone’s camera roll, then you can hit the record button. This will save in real time whatever you’re seeing in the video frame to the phone’s camera roll. For this, the app must remain in the foreground.

Pressing Record is one way to transfer (in real time) video from the camera’s mSD card to the phone’s local storage (camera roll). The other way to save the recorded video is to remove the card from the camera and transfer it directly to a computer.

Since you’ve been pressing Record to save video, you might want to go to the Wyze album on your phone and clean it out. You may have a bunch of space taken up there with video you’ve recorded to the phone.

Sorry for my confusion. I finally figured it out. I thought I HAD to press the “Record” in the Live Stream window for it to record. I didn’t realize that it automatically was recording by selecting “Continuous Recording” or “Record events only” in the Local Storage window.

Thank you very much for you help.

I have an sd card in my camera and previously recorded a segment. Now, when I go to the albums to check it out, it’s not loading that segment and the buttons on the bottom to share or delete, are grey and wont let me do those actions. I have other videos that won’t load either in the album. I can’t lost that video, is there anything I’m doing wrong?

Did you check in the photo/media folders on your device? That’s where the clips are saved to if you manually save a clip from either the live or playback. Did you manually save it with the record now button, or are you talking that the footage was saved with continuous or event only recording into the sd card?

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Lol, thanks!! And yes, I manually saved it by pressing the record button while on playback where it was saved to both my device and in the app. Both videos have the last part of the video cut out except for just the audio.

Now when I go into the app and open the album, the video does not load anymore. It is there, but I cant watch it or download it again. Only the first 2 video recordings in my album are the ones that play.

Try a different app like vlc on your phone to play it.