Recording with the WYZE Pan Cam --Help

I am new and just received this camera. I noticed if Im in the app and click record it stops recording when I exit the app. How do I get the camera to record for long periods of time? Wanted this so it can record while Im at work.

You install a microSD card. Here is a recent question on that topic:


The feature you are trying to use is not to record the day long activity. What you are trying to do is record a clip from the video already stored to the camera in the playback.

If you insert an sd card into the camera and then click on the camera in the app you want to set to record all day. Once the camera is connected and you see the picture click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access that cameras settings.

Once in the settings you can click on event recording and make sure it is set to all day so as to avoid only recording during certain times.

Next go back and click on advanced settings. This is where you will set it up via the local storage tab to either record on event or have it set to continuous recording. That is how you set the camera up to record all day no matter what happens. I have most of mine set to record on event to save the sd card. Then you can just go into playback and select an even instead of going through the entire day.