Not letting me view the 12 second events

I’m very discouraged at this point. Both of my cameras are not allowing me to review the 12 second events. It has sound on some but no video feed on any any. It just shows a place icon.

Sorry… it just shows a still frame with the Play icon…

I’ve heard about this happening before. Usually it is fixed by exiting the app, and stopping it from background running on your device, then restart the Wyze app.


That is odd behavior indeed. I just checked the events tab on mine and there are several for today. I was able to play them back individually with no issues.

Are you sure you are connected to the internet? And are you able to see each cameras Live View ok?


What version of the app are you running?


Please also include the phone OS you are running, and the firmware level on the cameras. :slight_smile:

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