Unable to view video from the events

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You have to wait a minute or two for the video to upload to the cloud.

This must be something new because I’ve always been able to see my videos once the notification pops up. This evening I got the same result as @bulldawgz21 . Coincidentally my event happened at 7:25 pm tonight.

What time zone?

There seems to be server problems right now and motion events take longer to upload, view or even trying to delete them.

Must be Regional. Mine works as expected.

Just fyi

Just tested the event at 9:15 pm Eastern time and I am still waiting for the motion video to show up in the events tab right now at 9:25 pm. Maybe there are more than 1 server involved and some might be down or very slow right now.

Recorded properly onto the mSD card.

I am on East coast as well.

I am in Canada, maybe some cams are connected to different servers not matter were you are located? Really not sure.

Anyway, 2 out of my 3 cams are sending notifications and recording events right now.

They all have the same settings and the one which is not recording events was 2 hours ago and nothing changed.

Really strange.

It is now 10:01 pm and I just received my 9:19 pm motion event from my 3rd cam. I guess my other motion tests on that cam will follow later on…

I still see only from 7:44. I restarted my iPhone

Ok I got one event just now.

I did receive one at 9:20

Back to normal here now