Unable to review event notifications issue thread (07/01/2019)

is anyone else having issues today with reviewing events? I can access my camera is perfectly but I am completely unable to review any 12 second clips. Under playback I am able to view those.

because I’m able to view things locally but not access the cloud I’m thinking there’s a server down, anyone else having this issue?


I’ve seen on Reddit that folks are reporting issues accessing event videos. I was not having any problems in Alabama at that time (1245), but I am now.

Same here

Same for me in SC. Out for about the last 3 hours.

ok guys, send logs in. its monday and having a huge influx of logs will give them a heads up something is wrong help them find the issue.

we need to beat the holiday lol

Yup same here, issue is prevalent in all 9 cameras, have restarted cameras and router, still same issue. Looks like this is on they’re end. Also unable to format SD card in cameras.

Oh yeah , having the same problem here On 2 different accounts 2 different sets of cameras, it is taking 20 to 25 minutes For the clip to Become Available

Kinda re enforces the point that we need local storage of these clips… Just sayin’…

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Yup, sent the log in @12:37 CST.
/edit - Perhaps they didn’t scale up the servers
I just got another event. Event was motion at 2:10PM, I heard the buzz at 2:20, started checking every minute from 2:21 on, it’s now 2:33 and it finally went through…

Sent log also

Same here in Virginia. Clips are taking extra long to show up in the cloud up to 25 minutes. This is what I been getting when I try to view the 12 sec clips.

20 minutes and no 12 sec clip in the cloud

sent in log here as well…Wyze Ticket 261732

yep i’ve been having issues with it for a few hours now

Same here. Just happened today morning. Problem is still persisting. Looks like I need to have my own server for backup

I am not able to download any 12 second motion triggered events. It started being really slow and now it isn’t downloading at all.
Is there something going on with Wyze servers?

Until recently, As a guest I had been able to look at Cloud stored video clips triggered by Motion Sensor at the system owner (my parent) 's house. But now, I can only see the thumbnail pictures of these events . Is there a change by Wyze to limit this access? If not, what should the owner do to allow this access?

The camera in question has no SD card yet.

Were you able to correct this? Im having the same issue.

There is no sense for anyone to try and troubleshoot this on their end , it would be just a waste of time


3 cameras all was good, Added a 4th and now I have this problem. None of the solution here work. I have contacted support.

Started this morning July 1, Unable to view video clips -“This video doesn’t exist in the cloud . . .” Trouble must be on the Wyze Cam side.