Notifications missing thumbnail

Latest updates broke my CamPlus notifications.

Now i’m only getting text push notifications with no thumbnail.

The last time i was able to log out and delete all devices and re-add them all and it worked again.

Now i can’t seem to scrub events or they won’t delete themselves after removing the corresponding devices.

That may be why there’s a hang up on the usual fix? i don’t know. I have used wyze for years and i’m so so tired of having to do this after “updates” and its the weekend so i can’t even call anyone.

Anyone have advice other than my usual- delete devices - hard reset - & add them again after logging out and back into the app?

I have the no thumbnail thing happen randomly lately but it’s not all the time.

For the rest, sometimes you can fix things like that by just clearing the cache in the app and power cycling the camera.

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i was able to fix it by using the method i explained but by also physically removing ALL events previously recorded.

i’m guessing it hung up on prior codecs or something from the cameras recognizing itself from the last set up regardless of the name being changed.

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