Wyze App update 11/18, stopped getting notifications

Woke up this morning to see that my iPad was auto-updated with the new Wyze App. Then, as I do every morning, check the overnight “Event” recordings, where I typically see about 20-30 events, ranging from lights going on and off in rooms, deer walking around my property, etc.

Well, this morning, no events. How about that? What a surprise. Wyze app update = lose event notifications… wow. Who would have thought? So, I had to spend a half hour removing each camera from the CamPlus Plan list and re-entering them, which also means going into each camera’s settings to reset the settings I want for each camera. Of course this ALSO happens when a camera(s) get firmware updates. But, most of us already know that scenario all too well.

How far this company has fallen. But hey, hurry up and pre-order the new mesh routers!!! Can’t wait to see how that works out.

Is there an answer to this? I doubt it. It appears the vast majority of today’s cameras are made in China. It also appears that the inner workings of these cameras are pretty much the same, just put into a different plastic shell for branding.

Please… don’t ask me to submit a log… don’t ask me to reset my router, or check the camera’s wifi signal strength. Been there done that too many times. I guess the cameras are what they are.

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I had to reset most of my filters to see the notifications. And most of the filter buttons were gone, so I had to go into the filter menu to do it. That also restored the filter buttons.

The first week of November is when I started using Wyze.

Bought a new camera. Installed perfectly and worked like a charm! It prompted me to update firmware but I ignored it. Was happy.

Bought another camera. Installed perfectly. It prompted me to update firmware. Was hesitant but I did. Big mistake. Bricked my camera with the infamous solid yellow light of death. I returned the camera and got my money back.

A week goes by. No issues with the first camera. In fact I was getting too many notifications as it picked up every single little motion/noise. But it was working!

Stupid me decides to update the firmware. Why I don’t know! No way lightning can strike twice right? wrong! Bricked the camera! I tried resinstalling the firmware, reflashing, resetting, etc. Nothing. I returned the camera and got my money back.

Third times the charm so I bought one more brand new camera. Installed fine. In fact the second I installed it I received a push notification that a sound was detected. I was happy thinking I got one that worked. WRONG! That was the one and only notification ever received. Nothing since then. Again it keeps asking me to update the firmware but I refuse to. I also notice that it is not recording events but for right now I am fine with being able to view live cameras.

So the moral of the story is Wyze is like a box of chocolates… you don’[t know what crap you are getting until you bite into one.

Welcome to the club!!

Have you tried the Wyze Robot Vacuum, Wyze Scale, Wyze Watch, Wyze Headphones, Wyze Lock, Wyze Plug, Wyze Bulb, Wyze Thermostat, Wyze Gun Safe, Wyze Air Purifier, Wyze Cordless Vacuum, Wyze Room Sensor, Wyze Outdoor Plug, Wyze Plug, Wyze Strip Light, Wyze Lock Keypad, Wyze Lamp Socket, or the Wyze Covid 19 Test Kit???

Can’t wait for the Wyze Mesh Routers!!!

Cameras were good about 3 years ago. Now? LOL

Oh, and you WILL be getting a few responses that say “it’s your WIFI, dude… Get the Mesh Router”… LOL