Months without push notifications, at my wits

I’ve been using Wyze since 2017 and at least one of every camera they’ve produced-- i have always raved about their platform and products and have only become more and more impressed as their capabilities have increased over the years.

About 4 months ago, i stopped receiving push notifications for the events i had selected to receive through the app-- the events are still recording and populating under the events screen but no notification. when someone is at my door etc. There was no intentional or otherwise changes to any of the settings in the app or on my phone. No update around that time, no changes to my subscriptions etc. I have been a beta user for over a year and nothing in the way of a beta update either.

I have done the following troubleshooting steps in an effort to fix the issue-
-Submitted countless tickets to Wyze with no help at all
-Left the beta program, deleted app and all data, factory reset my phone, cleared the cache, rejoined the beta program, left the beta program, delete no-beta app and all data, made sure the notification bell wasn’t disabled, checked my iphone settings, cancelled my cam plus account, wiped app data, resubscribed to cam plus… i think you get the picture

I’m frustrated beyond belief and I am ready to move on but wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone has had similar issues and how they may have been resolved. Thanks in advance!

I’m sure you have already checked this but just want to make sure. Have you checked the Wyze cams notification settings?

Camera > settings > notifications

On the home screen check to see if the the top right has ZZZ through it. If it does you will not receive notifications. This is a do not disturb setting.

Also, I have not experienced this issue. I get hundreds of notifications a day.


Not sure which platform you use (iOS or Android) but I seem to remember there are settings at the OS level to allow/prevent messaging by App. You might check those.

Check the notification and Focus settings on the iOS device.

I left the beta program and reinstalled the Wyze app for the third time. Not sure what the holdup was but I finally am receiving notifications again. No change to any other settings otherwise.

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I am glad you are getting notifications now. I know nothing about Beta except there are many WYZE Beta testers on the forum so maybe they have some information about the issue you had.

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