Events no longer getting picked up and push notifications have stopped

Hey there,

I have 6 Wyze-Cam(s) in my home, and 5 of them have stopped picking up events and are no longer sending notifications. The last 6th camera however, is picking up events and sending notifications. The 5 cameras that stopped working are all v2 cams, while the 6th that is working is a Cam Pan. I am also in the Wyze-Beta program, so the cameras are all using Beta Firmware updates.

I did accidentally touch the bell icon on the iOS app, and then pressed it again. Perhaps it’s a bug?

I also did briefly experiment with the IFTTT app, so perhaps it’s a bug?

Are there any log files? How should I go about trying to fix this?


Yes. this is probably more appropriate for the Beta forum category than “ask the community” since you’re having problems while using beta firmware, but don’t worry, I’m sure a Mod will move it over there for you. Definitely will want to send the log files so they can address this and fix it. You did a great job including many of those details in your post (touched the bell icon, in iOS, was using IFTTT.

I can’t confidently tell you how to do logs in iOS (I use Android) but someone will pop in soon to be able to do it. I know some of the mods get around to reading every single post, so you will be seen by one them when they get a chance.

In Android there is a floating icon that looks like a paper airplane. Selecting that allows me to choose which type of devices and which type of problems I am having with them, then write out an explanation and it include logs with it. I would highly recommend doing this.

After doing this, if you really desperately need to restore functionality, consider rolling back the firmware and see if that fixes it. Then, once it’s working again, consider downloading the new firmware again and see if things are still working correctly (and this time don’t hit the bell icon?). That should at least solve your problem for now. Your report will be very helpful for them to be aware of though, so please do submit the logs if you can.

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