Push notifications no longer being received

No push notifications being received after latest software and firmware update with my Outdoor Cameras. Events are being recorded but getting no push notifications. Our 3 other iPhones which we did not update the Wyze software on are still receiving push notifications. Support says there is no way to revert to an earlier version.

Following this closely. Not seeing this issue. Tend to turn off notifications except for the cameras pointing at the 4 sides of my home.

I have 4 of the Version one WCO outdoors cameras and I have no issue with notifications which I usually have turned off. Just tested 2 cams>

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Has anyone found a way to view the recorded events from something other than a phone or ipad yet? Asking because rather than sitting in bed to review at night, or setting aside an hour a week to review recorded videos, on my phone I’m looking for a better way.

A summary recap email daily would be great – like “15 motion events detected today; 2 person events; 4 alarm events” etc that you could quickly click on and see them would be excellent.

Completely deleted Wyze app and reinstalled which fixed the notifications issue. Thanks.

Glad this issue was solved. Thanks for sharing.

If you have cam plus you can view an event summary in the app. Go to the events tab, then hit the little square icon next to the filters button at the top right corner.

If you want to view events from a browser you can use webview. I don’t believe cam plus is required to view events from webview, but only live stream.


I like the email summary idea, that would be great for the #wishlist

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Thanks - add it there if you can - I’m traveling a bunch. Any primer on what the event summary is/does? clicked around on it - not seeing too much value in it. If I had one camera might be nice but with over 20 of them I don’t want to click around. I’m not even sure what the report tells you. If it says there was a lot more motion or sounds, don’t care. If it says there are people walking in my backyard more than usual, that might be helpful. thanks.
For now, an email summary vs. going back to the slow, kludgy app is preferred.