Fix-It Friday 3/3/2023

Thank you @WyzeJasonJ and Wyze developer team! And even more so thank you @carverofchoice for transferring my multiple complaints into an “actionable” request in this Friday thread whereas I had had no faith in the process. Great work folks!

This was not true for me. I just visited Cameras in the Alexa app and the same long-suffering test V3 now shows a working “Person Detection Notifications” toggle under settings. (Edit: this camera has been online and unused throughout, since my last round of tests a month or two ago.) Hurray!

This is is going to solve lot of weird and frustrating integration issues for users. For me it means I can finally replace my trusty main front facing V2 cameras with these nifty night vision V3s (assuming my long power cables don’t bite me).

Thank you all again. :slight_smile:


Woo hoo! We have a new FIF convert guys! :joy:

Welcome to the cult…er, I mean club! CLUB! = Fix-it-Friday thankfuls CLUB.

Always good to see another satisfied Customer (pun 100% intended).

Now we just need to figure out a new bug to submit for April 7th. :slight_smile:


Definitely. It may be imperfect but it’s clear this Friday mechanism is an effective and “high profile” way to raise and resolve issues with Wyze developers. Good stuff, Wyze.


Thanks @carverofchoice.

TLDR; I still have three V2 cams that show “Person detection is currently unavailable. Please check your Wyze app to learn more.”.

I’ve never had an issue with PD in Alexa with V3 cameras. I have three. Person announcement has always shown as available.

I re-discovered Wyze to Alexa. In my case I had no choice. When I tried to view a Wyze cam Alexa went to discovering Wyze.

I had previously set up routines for a couple of V2 cams to announce “Someone is at the” [Back Door] or [Garage]. These would still work sporadically but showed Person Detection as disabled and would not allow me to change the announcement in the routine.

Person Detection is working now for these two cameras and a couple other V2 cams that previously didn’t work. I still have three V2 cams that don’t have PD, I removed and re-added these cameras to Alexa. They still show “Person detection is currently unavailable. Please check your Wyze app to learn more.”.

Person Detection is enabled in Wyze, through Cam Plus Lite, for all of my cameras.


Just to follow up. I did some checking in the Wyze app.

The Notification settings are inconsistent.
I am attaching screenshots of the Notification settings on the same camera 4 minutes apart. Notice the difference in Motion Event options.

Opening Notification settings also takes 20-30 seconds.
Edit: This seems to be cured by rebooting an Access Point in my garage.
or it was linked to the Wyze (not considered an outage) outage.


v2s, camplus lite and similar… :slight_smile:


Thanks @peepeep


Just to clarify, @peepeep are you saying that you are also not seeing person detection available with Cam Plus Lite on some of your V2’s? And is that just on the Wyze app, or have you also looked at Alexa too?
Does rebooting your router &/or camera make any change?


Hi Carver

v2s. Cam Plus Lite. Just Wyze app, no Alexa.

I got the impression Wyze may have been implementing changes to some dynamic modules of the interface while I was examining the settings of the v2 cams.

In some cases, it made it appear that PD was toggled off, though it was still operating.

In other cases, PD was actually disabled and the location to toggle it back on had changed.

Ultimately, the interface became consistent and PD on all cams was operational.

I definitely rebooted the cams, don’t think that changed the conditions described.

I don’t think I rebooted the router. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I wanted to have those clarifications for Wyze to know what potential related issues may be remaining.


I am curious, the cameras you showed the ‘Device Notification’ images for, what firmware is each one of those on?

Hey Jason :wave:

The middle and right-hand images are after updating to

The middle had been updated from

The right-hand had been updated from

Both images are from the same camera, 4 minutes apart.

V2 cam, Firmware version:

Our team tried to reproduce this and could not, we reached out to the Alexa team and they said it should work, just in case the Alexa team did update something again could you try relinking the Wyze skill to Alexa and see if it is working? If not I will see if they need further info from you.


Thanks for following up Jason.

I have re-linked the Wyze skill to Alexa.
That fixed one of them. Still have one V2 showing the “Person detection is currently unavailable. Please check your Wyze app to learn more.” message.
I checked my Wyze app. I did not learn more.

I removed the camera from Alexa and had it re-discovered. Still not working.
I’ll experiment a bit more. It’s not a big deal to me, just mentioned it in case other’s have the same issue.

Statements like this give me a chuckle.
I agree, it should work. :grin:


Are they both on the same firmware?

I chuckle at that also. ‘It should work’ never sounds very reassuring.


Same here, but I have to admit I am also guilty of using this statement. Technology can be some unpredictable (even though it’s following commands exactly as written), that it’s easier to say it should work.

I mostly agree with this…though it can be a complex discussion. There are also physical factors that come into play sometimes that affect the code. For example, the famous origin of the term bug resulted because a moth got trapped in a relay in Harvard’s Computation Laboratory in 1947, causing an error, which they then started to call a “bug” because it was literally a bug causing the technology to be unpredictable. This can be expanded with the degradation of other hardware, etc. Plus memory leak issues or signal interference or many other things, But arguably what you say is ultimately still true even in all of those cases…it is still following commands exactly as written…it just wasn’t written with a solution for all of those other potential obstacles. So yes, ultimately I agree, :slight_smile:

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The same as at least one V2 camera that works with PD in Alexa.

Yep, that’s exactly what I meant :slight_smile:

People often get mad at their computers for being unpredictable or not following directions, even though it was a human that wrote those incorrect directions :rofl:

But with so so so many variables in a modern system, it’s impossible to account for all of them.

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