All v3 cameras offline

I have two version 1 cameras, two version 2 , 1 pan cam, and three version 3 cameras . All are connected , but all the version 3s are offline.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Go to the off line cameras and power cycle them,we use a wifi system app so we can make sure there on line,I would get one if you don’t have that way you can see all items that are on your network eather plugged in or on wifi

I don’t power cycling is a solution anymore. One of the three, the newest, keeps going offline, and I have powered cycled it many times, and it still would not go back online. In fact, I also have that one rebooting at 4 AM everyday. Still goes offline for no apparent reason. Then later will go back online.

I showed my IT technician and he said you have an WiFi interfere issue,he said if you have a router/wifi app that shows all your items connected to your system and it shows all the Wifi that’s close to you and what channels are being used,he said to set your router up on a channel that’s not being used

Well, he is incorrect. It seems all the v3 cameras are actually online, but I cannot connect to any of them. The app is showing them online, I can connect to any of the other cameras just fine.

Wasn’t there a firmware issue recently?

Hello @trent I am sorry you are having this issue, this is an issue Wyze is aware of where the camera is saying it is offline but you can live view it. Can I ask are they still recording events while they are appearing offline? Can you also tell me what the app version you are running is? This can be found in the lower right under account, then at the bottom under about. Can you also tell me what firmware version the cameras are on this can be found in the camera settings under device info.

Sorry, but that is not the issue. In fact I have one which keeps going offline, and power cycling it does nothing. Maybe its time for a warranty replacement.

The one which keeps going offline all the time currently has Can’t update it if it is staying offline