Many V3 and V2 cams going offline!

I have many V3 and V2 , plugs going offline past few hours. Reset routers to no avail. Anyone else experiencing same?

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Will they connect to the livestream if you click on them? I do have a single V3 and a single V2 (out of 24 cameras) that SAY they are offline, but then if I open them to try to livestream them they are actually working, so the offline sign on the home tab is incorrect.

If they won’t connect at all, are you running Beta Firmware on any of the V3’s? If so, what is the firmware version?

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I can livestream the cams by clicking them one by one but no streaming of offline cams in viewing 4 cams at a time using the Wyze app. Have also power cycled them. Using tinycam pro can view those offline cams without problem.

Also initially there were only 2 cams being offline, out of 40+ cams, but more cams becoming offline after I rebooted the six tcl mesh units multiple times , The whole system have been very stable,

I am not using beta.

I have to search the forum (or you can) for a known bug about cameras indicating as offline when they are in a group. As you noted, if you click on the offline camera you can see the live view. It’s a bug in the app.

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All cams and plugs are back online after power cycling the main synology router.

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It’s my understanding that it’s actually a firmware bug because they’ve been doing work on firmware to resolve it.

While I don’t know the exact cause, I suspect it’s related to the online ping in some way. For example, a while ago I read of someone who noticed a Wyze device was sending out a ping regularly to Google or something, so they blocked it (one of many such people who have done this). Since that ping was being done to confirm connectivity status, I believe they reported that the device thought it was offline on one of the status indicators, but it was actually still functioning in most other ways because it wasn’t actually offline or blocked, only that ping was blocked, so it looked offline in 1 place but was really not offline.

I suspect something similar is occurring on the firmware level. Some status operation isn’t always functioning properly so the device appears to be offline in some way when it’s really not. I’m not saying that sometimes the Google ping is inhibited like with the guy in the example from long ago, there could be other things malfunctioning related to the status subroutines in some way or some other connectivity verification failure, but I do believe it’s firmware since they have repeatedly pushed firmware updates to reduce the frequency of this occurrence from when it first manifested after some initial security updates last year. It’s a lot more rare now than it once was, but we still occasionally see it resurface.

Not unless it goes back to the RTSP firmware. I see it on my cameras all the time and I’m running RTSP on all of them.

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Interesting info! It must be a multivariate issue then. I know they’ve tested and posted firmware updates that have made improvements on the issue, so part of it must be that. But the issue started way after the RTSP firmware was released, especially long after the V2 firmware. May be related to server change or backend issue of some kind then… Maybe when they tried to make security changes.

Huh, if it is affecting RTSP firmware, that indicates that there is likely an app or backend variable involved, probably not just the firmware.

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I’m having the same thing happing to one of my V2 cameras going on for about a month now. I spoke to customer Service a week ago and one of the things they had me do was power cycle and reset the camera. That worked for 3 days and now it’s back offline again.

Rebooting the wifi router may help. Also you can add rule to restart all your cams daily may also help.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try, but it reply shouldn’t take all of this. It was working fine for months and this started about a month now.