Camera shows as offline when I open app, but it's not

I’ve have had my 8 Wyze cam v3’s for about 6 months now, and have not had any issues. I’d say about a week ago, when I open the app (Android) one of my 8 cams shows as offline, but if I touch that cam to open it, it shows live video in HD without skipping a beat

Also at the same time when I open the app and go into the events tab it tells me to get Cam Plus to enable continuous recording. I have Cam Plus on all 8 of my cams, and when I refresh that events tab the message goes away. I also verified I have Cam Plus licenses attached to all my cameras???

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Occasionally that will happen with one of my Camera’s. I unplug it from power and wait for about a minute and plug back in. Once it connects and starts up, everything seems to be back to normal.

Other options to try:

  • Clear Cache from Within the App by going to the Account Menu, then App Settings. Shut the app down, (Since you have Android) Long press the app icon, select App info, the force stop, the go to Storage and Cache, clear Cache there and restart the phone. Then go back in and try again. NOTE: Your thumbnail images will be gone until your live stream each camera.

  • Log out of the app and then log back in so it refreshes the setup.

  • Restart your router and allow the camera’s to connect again.

Side Note: Make sure you are on the latest App. The current released version of the Android app is: 2.25.22. The Firmware I have on my v3’s are: (I beta test he latest FW and App). The Production Firmware is:

Provided the aforementioned info so you can compare to what you are runnin.

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Clearing cache didn’t work. I’m on latest production firmware and yes I always keep my apps up to date. I’m currently on version 2.25.22. I’ll have to try power cycling the camera and see if that helps. I’m do not know why power cycling my router would matter since all my devices are online including the camera that shows as offline. I continue to get the message to subscribe to cam plus in events for an event on another camera (not the one that shows offline).

Next power cycle camera in question. Thanks for the tips!

Power cycling the router would be the last thing. I have had issues in the past where the router was having issues and only affecting certain items but not all. I read something where it is recommended to turn off IPv6 and not to use WPA3. Here is the discussion on this. It may also apply to other camera’s:

This is not an uncommon issue. It will normally clear on it’s own, but can take days or weeks. I have never found any reliable way to fix it other than just waiting for it. Somewhat annoying.

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Try signing out of the Wyze app (Wyze app Home > Account > Sign Out), restart the phone, start up the Wyze app and log back in.

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Still messed up on mine too bro , they wanted me to download a 3rd party app to ‘ check connectivity’ on the Wyze app LOL no …

This is a new issue I haven’t seen before but am experiencing it now. Tried everything yet the V2 cam still shows OFFLINE in the app. I guess it will fix itself eventually.

Is the camera in a group? If so try taking it out of the group and see if it works.

If you have a micro sd card in it, go to view playback… go back about an hour… let it roll forward about a minute… go back to view live stream… Voila!

I was so optimistic you found the secret formula… Unfortunately no luck.

The camera isn’t in a group. I’ve tried everything I could think of so I guess I’ll just wait until it fixes itself.

Cam showed it was offline, and this time it really was offline so I rebooted it, came back online and now shows online in the app. :+1:

Magically fixed!

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Offline status jumped to a different camera now… I’ll just wait until it fixes itself.