Cam V2 keeps going offline

New cam just came in the mail
This is the second time my cam v2 has gone offline within the last 24 hours. After the reboot did not work I decided to set the camera up again via the QR code. That worked.

I looked on my timeline and found that when the time went to exactly 3:30 a.m. to the second, the camera shut off. Again I set the camera up via the QR code. Again that worked.

Now it happened again but at the exact time of 10am on the dot.

Any ideas? It did not work by my trying to restart the camera via the app or by unplugging. Also it did not record when it was offline.

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This could be a wifi issue. Have you tried rebooting your router?
When the cam goes offline, do you have to plug/unplug it to get it back online or will it reconnect from the app by retrying it?

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Thanks for the help but I ended up returning the camera which wasn’t even 2 weeks old. I have a new one on its way. The camera would be working fine and all of a sudden I hear, QR code ready to be set up. So I had a feeling that it had some internal issues.


Great! I’m glad Support was responsive and hopefully this will be history!