V2 cameras keep going offline

Cameras keep going offline and have to be rebooted.

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Can you post the App Version and the Camera Firmware Version as well.

In the interim, there were individuals who set a rule to reboot or restart the camera’s every night or week. An option to try. camera’s and 2.29.2(a3) app. Thank you

Is the live view working or do they just show an offline icon?

If your cams experience a network interuption, there is an issue where the IoT connection isnt restored, but the live view is. This is why often you can view it but nothing else works. An update is coming around June to fix this for most devices, so please keep a lookout and keep your devices updated. For now the solution is to unplug and replug when this happens, althogh if its often that would mean your network is unstable.

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June is another 6 to 8 weeks away.
It is, quite a wait. hopefully, it is a permanent fix. as the OFFline static screen have reported on and off from different user for a year.

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I had the same issue, i have xfinity with 2 pods. Found that one pod had weak signal. Main cam with issue was connecting to it. It was 3 rooms away. The cam is one room away from the main router. Solution… i added an extention cord to the cam, stretched it to the router, booted the cam, waited till the light on back was steady blue, verified the conection to the main router using the mac address. Working fine now.

May be Wyze found the issue on their side

Hope so… even with the good connection, still goes offline.