After firmware update, all v2 cam’s offline

Upgraded my 4x wyze cam v2’s to

Noticed all my cam’s live stream won’t work anymore. But weird, that notification’s are working on my phone. But can’t view them too.

Error code: -90

Power cycled all cam’s. And i can reboot them vis the app, full wifi signal, and responsive on my network.


Should have upgrade one first to check. Can never trust a smooth Wyze firmware update.


Is this a known issue?

WCO are having a similar issue if they are in a Group… remove them from the group, and all is well. Are your V2s in a group?


Its your router,power cycle your router,and your cameras, your router is corrupt

I have two V2’s as well, they were not in a group, and working fine. I put them in a group, and they exhibited the same behavior as you are seeing, and is being seen on WCO’s

My V3 Cameras work fine in a group


No router cant be corrupt lol. It only stopped working after firmware updare

I’ve already power cycled router


Deleted from wyze app, re-setup from scratch. Took out of group. Still offline

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Wyze support told me to delete cam, re-add it. Reboot router and try routethis. Nothing helped.

This one cam i’m testing with, stuck on blue flashing light

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Interesting flashing blue is looking for network to connect,something has changed on your end do you use a wifi/router app that shows all devices connected to your network and all wifi systems close to you ?

All my other devices are perfectly working. All wifi devies 99% signal strength with over 200mbps each. Nothing has changed on my network, i got an AP per floor for maximum performance

It’s 100% a wyze device issue.

Waiting for support to get back to me. They better replace it.

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Well good luck with c.s. maybe by Monday you will have an answer the odds of all going bad is very unlikely

Anyone else have this issue?

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All my v2s went offline. It’s not you. I am I T PROJECT MANAGER With fios mesh network with extenders and full coverage. My routers and extenders reset on daily timers.

This is the fault of Wyze. No amount of power cycling helped. V3 and doorbell still online. We can’t even trust their updates anymore. Sad…


Wyze Support themselves also were not able to find a Fix.

I was thinking, what if I manually flash it with old firmware?

So I downloaded, flashed the firmware manually, and the cam started working by irself again with no re-setup!

So guys! if breaks your live-stream, downgrade back to, and it will fix your cam :slight_smile:

Better Yet…donot update firmware.

Same issue for me with both my V2 cameras. Hit the update firmware button when I noticed there was an update available yesterday. Cameras clicked a few times after rebooting and became unresponsive.

I was worried they were completely bricked, but did a manual install of the firmware and they are working fine again.
Wonder how many people have just thrown an otherwise perfectly fine camera in the bin…

Mine were just fine

My V2 cannot connect neither

I am having the same problem with my 2 outdoor cams after this last firmware update. I can’t view live stream on them but on my other two indoor v2 I can just fine. I’m not sure its the camera firmware more likely its the base station firmware. When you look at the firmware update release notes for the base station it only goes to and my base station is WOW somebody is not doing their job updating the release notes.