Wireless cameras won't connect on Wyze App

I don’t know what a device group is but my outdoor cams livestream after I disabled the VPN software.

Just started doing this to me. Front Porch showing Front Porch LIVE image BUT recording image from my Garage camera. It is definitely a new bug from recent updates
I finally got mine all straightened out, for now, but couldn’t tell you what exactly fixed it because I tried everything that I could think of for an hour or so!

A device group is on the front page of the app press the + sign in the upper left corner. You can combine multiple devices in a group. I have my indoor cameras in one group and outdoor cameras in another group. If you only have a few devices then you probably don’t need to do it. I have 19 cameras around my house so I brojem them up. I’m glad disabling the VPN help in your situation.

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Removing cams from the group worked for me. Adding back to a group and they fail again. Running firmware Beta App. IOS 15.4.
I kept repeating that the APP has too many items to control. HMS, Cameras, Outlets and Bulbs should be in a separate APP from scales and vacuum cleaners. I would hate to have to maintain it.

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And I thought I was going out of my mind, along with the one WCO cycling between it’s view and another view on the my four ‘Front of the house’ WCO’s, my four “Back of the House” WCO’s had two cams drain the batteries to zero, while the other two stayed above 90 percent. (those four cams all point down a hill watching for wildlife… mainly Coyotes

Here are the four Front Camera’s with one cycling, and the other three refusing to connect.


yes, I have power cycled both WCO Bases…

Firmwares are current on base and WCOs


Same for me until I removed them from the group.

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Confirmed, this made my WCO’s viewable again.


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Likewise…deleting the camera group seems to have improved things.

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my two V2’s, in a Group exhibit the same behavior as the WCOs. Anyone else seeing V2’s in a group have this issue too?

My v3s in a group are working properly.


Added my V2’s back to a group, and they are working now.


I have been having the identical problems. Ungrouping the cameras and reinstalling them didn’t help. Looks like it’s a bug that hopefully will be fixed.

I have 8 Cam Pans (v1) and have the same kind of issue as I am seeing here. I can see the live stream from the first 3 cams in the group but if I select any of them individually, the stream just stops. Happens to every Wyze Cam Pan every time. My router seems to get unhappy about it too because if I go through a few of the Cams the router will reboot! My doorbell cam does not have a problem staying connected and streaming video, just the Wyze Cam Pans.

Ok NOW I know it wasn’t just me! just this last Friday 3/25/22 after chatting with Wyze Support for 45 minutes, explaining the same issues, PLUS! my PUSH NOTIFICATIONS settings would reset to off on its own, after reset to on SO MANY times still doing the same. ALSO! Cam V3 not being notified to packages, our pet in our front yard? one of the reasons I paid for Annual Subscription Cam PLus $39.99. I’ve submitted pictures, videos’ followed ALL instructions to do from previous e-mails so far NOT a very happy camper! LOVE the product… NOT so much the performance expected, and yes ALL Firmware is up to date. We’ll see what happens next? Good Luck !!!

YEP…their software updates have ruined the operation of cameras and plugs. Almost ready to ditch Wyze products if not fixed soon!

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Same problem with signing on two outdoor cameras, interestingly same issue started with doorbell too. Events record fine.

I tested a few of our cams V2,V3,PTZ Ver1,2 and battery cams and we are getting vehicles, pet,person,motion all cams are on cam plus,we are not finding any issues since last firmware.

There is a problem with firmware that is causing people to not connect to their Outdoor Cameras if they are in groups. Some were fixed with the latest firmware update.

For those that weren’t, try removing them from a group. That was the original fix. :slight_smile:


The person you replied to did not even mention vehicles.

Who cares, im just tell them what we found on our end.thats it