All cameras are off-line

Any known issues with Wyze servers? All my cameras are off-line (strike through cloud icon). Everything else on my network works except my three v3s. I woke up this morning and the blue light was blinking. I disconnected them from power for over 30 seconds, powered them back on and they fail to connect. Now the light blinks red and blue in succession. Rebooted modem and router few times, nothing. Yesterday I updated the firmware on all three cameras to and they were working fine all day. Various versions of iOS app on various devices.

Please don’t tell me I have to factory reset them? There is three feet of snow on the ground and I don’t want to climb on a ladder.

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You didn’t mention rebooting your router. Since ALL the cameras your cameras are offline, and since Wyze is not experiencing any issues, your router is suspect.

I did say that, you must’ve missed it. However, you might be correct. Yesterday I installed a new router D-Link DIR-3040, it is a Mesh router and everything was working fine until this morning. I just took it out of the network and activated the ISPs router and the cameras painfully slow came back on line. I will play around a bit more, I only have an hour or so before I head home (six hour drive).

Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

Okay, I disconnected the new router and reactivated back ISP’s router more than once. Issue persists. Everything else works fine, my Kasa plugs are not affected, Netflix, Apple TV+ and IPTV work fine. All my devices 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and a computer have internet.

It’s either ISP (blocking Wyze) or Wyze issue. Got to go home, I’ll take the new router back to the store and get something better. Hopefully the issue gets fixed on it’s own :thinking:

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I hope you at least feed the :raccoon:s and :deer: while you were there, hard digging in all that snow.


I was told by the craws that they’ve moved south for the winter :slight_smile:

My camera woes were Wyze related. An hour after I left, I stopped for a coffee and checked the cameras. They were connected and running as usual. When I got home, my home cameras were doing the same. Totally different network, ISP and router. I powered them off and happily showed a blue light. When I opened the Wyze app on my phone I got greeted with the dreaded message “Failed to update device list”. My rule shortcut icons on the top did not load, so no rules, no rules means no talking to Wyze servers. I quit the app, relaunched it and everything was fine. Ten minutes later, same message. Same woes. For the past twenty minutes everything is working fine, both locations. Will see how it goes.

Here is one of many posts about “Failed to update device list”, a known issue to Wyze that they keep on fixing and it keeps on coming back.

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I get that almost every morning as soon as I open the app when I check the events videos on my iPad. They all load is about 1- 2 seconds and the message goes away. :thinking:

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Me too, but yesterday it wouldn’t go away for hours.