V2 cams constantly going offline!

I have 5 Wyze cams in total. 2 V3 and 3 v2. My v2 cams are constantly and randomly offline when I look in the multi cam view on the Wyze app. Sometimes a cam will show offline, but if I click on that cam and go to its individual view, it will show me the live stream fine. The app seems to have a lot of issues with multiple cams. I seem to never have issues with the v3 cams. They hardly ever show offline, but my v2’s do this constantly and randomly. It’s getting quite annoying. And they all have strong internet connectivity too before anyone asks.

I have the same issue with my V2 cameras. They show offline, but I can still view them. I am unable to restart them from the app. I have power cycled the camera (unplugged the cam and plugged it back in) and power cycled my router, but still showing offline. Not sure what to do either.

I have the same exact problem described and did all the troubleshooting described by gargoyle1025. This is quite annoying indeed. Is this related to the newer updates? I hope they are not trying to force users to buy new versions by outdating the old cameras via updates.

you need to submit log to Wyze.

Is it fixed? have same issue