08/10 Resolved: Remote Connection Issues

As of 8/10 6:50pm PST, this issue has now been resolved.

Repost: We have received reports from users who can’t connect to their live stream outside of their local network.

Our team has identified that this is isolated to recently activated cameras failing to connect to the server, leading to a flashing blue light and mostly for iOS devices.

Cameras already connected and older cameras shouldn’t be impacted. Sorry for the inconvenience and we are working to get this resolved.


Is there any ETA on this? I just setup a new PanCam and it is experiencing this issue. I really need this running for tomorrow.

Just activated my cam Pan on android phone and having same remote connectivity issues so I am also anxious for resolution. Thanks

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The only ETA I’ve see so far is “no sooner than 5pm PDT”. That’s still an hour from now. Of course, “no sooner than” means that it could be considerably later, especially considering that it’s the weekend.

have had this issue all day after purchasing this yesterday. Frustrating

We are still waiting to resolve this with the server team. Sorry for the delay, we will provide update as soon as we have it


Honestly what I see is the connection on the Wyze end…the camera you can see live feed when you are in the same WiFi network…but it’s still flashing…and you leave it disconnects completely…but the flashing light means not correctly connected to start…so you can see from same connection but not when your away…the problem is the WiFi connection with the Wyze not the Cell phone

I appreciate being able to locate discussions and follow along with these issues. I just set up three V2 cams and a Pan for my house and am experiencing this same issue. I am using and IPhoneXR for all of them.

What am I experiencing?:

Each of my cameras, after set-up, only ever made it as far as a flashing blue light code.
(If I am understanding the set up guide correctly, the blue light should go solid for a completely successful set up, yes?)

When I am at home and connected to my WiFi network, everything works as expected for each camera. (Although I have yet to see a solid blue light. Still flashing.)

When I am not connected to my home WiFi network (ie: when I’m on work WiFi or cellular data network) I cannot connect to either of the 4 cameras at home.

I am delighted to say that the notifications are functioning properly regardless of the streaming connection issue. It will still show me the ~12 second ‘Event’ captured right away. This is really where the rubber meets the road in my opinion and this function is working as expected. Praises be!

I look forward to when this issue is resolved and kindly appreciate you all for working hard to get it figured out.

Although it’s frustrating to deal with the issue, I’m thankful you guys are working on this on a weekend.

Yay it works!


@CaptainMark hey! Just letting you know they must have just fixed it! Thanks so much.


Yay it works! Thanks. All 3 new camera works


My 3 cameras just said “set up complete” and began working. Seems like they fixed it!


SOLID BLUE!! Thank you guys for seeing that this was mitigated even on a weekend and probably late!! You guys are seriously the best.


Wyze team keeping us informed :+1:

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@CaptainMark Thanks so much …I never thought a solid blue light could ever look so good :blush:…thanks for all your hard work!

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Greetings, I am a new user of the Wyze cam v2. Currently has two but I am still experiencing live stream issues with one unit outside of local Wi-Fi area. Any updated solution to this issue?

@daniel.cornwall1993 If this is happening on only one of two cameras, then it doesn’t sound like it’s a problem with your firewall or something like that.

Can you try the steps listed here: Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data - #118 ?

Also, force quit and restart the app on your phone after doing those steps. Try to connect via cellular and let us know if it’s working.

OK, so I have restarted the camera multiple times using the app from my Wi-Fi network at work since I wasn’t able to physically reset and also I restarted my phone and the issue seems to be resolved. I can now live stream both cameras away from home on both data and another Wi-Fi network. Thanks for suggestion though @Loki appreciate it


So it appears this is affecting 2 of my 5 installed cameras. 2 cameras have been offline while I am out of my local network. Is this issue still being worked on? I am out of town and dont have direct access to the cameras. Both cameras have been installed and working for a long time.