(3) V2 cams, 2 work, one doesn't

I am perplexed: I have 3 new V2 wyze cams:
Cam1 is on home network. Works flawlessly from home, road (cellular-Tmobile) and all other wifi locations.
Cam2 is on home network. Works flawlessly from home, road (cellular-Tmobile) and all other wifi locations.
Cam3 is at parents house (5 miles away). Works when in their house. Can not connect otherwise.

  • Does not get past step 1 of 3, “Connection Failed” is the only message I get
  • firmware updated to
  • I do get notifications for movement - which is weird
  • I have restarted the app on both my Galaxy S9 & my wifes iPhone Xr
  • I have rebooted the camera multiple times
  • no problems during setup: getting flashing yellow light, scanning QR code is simple and camera connect easily- when in their house.
  • Turn wifi off no image from cellular data from Cam3

However, Cam1 & Cam2 work on cellular data, from the App, from either phone (iOS/android), from anywhere, while Cam3 at my parents does not work from anywhere except in their house when on wifi…

Here’e the weird one: As I mentioned I do get notifications from Cam3, from anywhere, AND I can view the 12 sec clips, so I know Cam3 is working, it just won’t get past step 1/3 when connecting when not on the proper wifi…

oh shoot, I haven’t brought their Cam to my home yet to see if the internet speed at the parents house is the issue.

I’ll get back to ya if I need help after that test. Thx for letting me talk my way through this :slight_smile:

ps why can’t I create a tag that better suits my issue, makes the tags almost irrelevant…


So, this morning I woke up ready to go over and grab Cam3 back from my parents house and set it up at my house where Cam1 and Cam2 are and have always been working, My wife, who had been sharing the 12 sec clips with my sister, tells me:
the live video is now working?!?

Yes, after spending about two hours yesterday rebooting, resetting and trying everything under the sun to get Cam3 at my parents house to work outside of their own wifi, is now magically working this morning from my house: Live streaming works fine whether I’m on my home wifi and/or when I shut of wifi on my phone and only use cellular data.

I have not done or changed anything since that post yesterday and the cam that would not connect or get past step 1/3 while trying to connect is now connecting on both my phone (android) and her phone (iOS).

Everything seems to be working: live streaming (@ 50-90KB/s so it wasn’t internet speed), event recording, SD card playback, audio, voice, everything seems to be A OK at this time.

Unfortunately, I have nothing for you about WHY this is now working,… I’ll post again if anything changes.

In the thread I linked to , it looks like the wyze team has resolved the problem over night

Dang - I thought I had a magic camera :slight_smile:

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