Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data

I’m hoping it’s an easy fix and not a replacement issue. I’m in Canada so I would have to deal with amazon and that would just be a pain.

Nope, but what that indicates is that there is not an issue with the firmware or app most likely. If it was an issue with either the beta firmware, release firmware, or the app it would be able to be replicated consistently. The coding wouldn’t change from one V2 owner to another. This leaves the device itself or the wireless network it is connected to as the likely issues. I’m leaning more towards a physical hardware issue simply based on the fact everyone reporting it seems to have recently bought the units impacted.

I would like to follow-up with the team, can you share your ticket number?

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My ticket number is 300870

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Mine is 300728

All for those who are encountering issue can you send your logs so our team can look at the mac or log of the device? Here are the instructions to send us your app and/or firmware log:

  1. In the Wyze app, go to Account → Help & Feedback → tap ‘Report an issue’ at the bottom of the page.

  2. After you report an issue (like dbhoover and venom400) , in the Subject field, enter your ticket number: {#XXXXX}. In the Details field, just say “live stream not hooking up to cellular data”. Make sure to leave the box checked next to ‘Send log file’ option at the bottom of the form and tap Submit.

  3. This will pull up a new window for sending an email to the dev team with your log file attached. Use your default email app to send the log to us.

We will need more time to look at this as the pattern is still unknown. Thank you for your patience and sorry that you are having trouble.


Ticket #300467

I sent my log via email in response to the ticket.

now its wyze Mark, who’s next.
Now they say send logs, whats next… oohh they will say flush reinstall then whats next ohhhhh check network … ohhh then next is reinstall app, oooohhh then whats next … then a new ssupport enginir comes in then repeat.

This is all happening since MArch 2019

Same here. Camera installed couple weeks ago is fine. It can be accessed by friend 400 Miles from me.
The 2 I installed yesterday work only when I’m on the location wifi. I have factory reset 3 times. No sd card.
The camera that is working is actually one of the cameras affected by the R65 issue, wyze is sending a new one to me.

New WYZE guy here. I got 2 cameras and installed both yesterday. One = no flashing blue light, other = flashing blue light. The 1st one I can access via cellular and the 2nd one does not. I have power cycled the 2nd one and factory rest but it still does not come online for Cellular. AT&T fiber network at home. I will send in the log.


Logs sent, ticket 300927 and 301088

301092 ticket submitted.

[Wyze Ticket 301080]

[Wyze Ticket 301101]

[Wyze Ticket 301000] this is the 3rd

[Wyze Ticket 266397]

[Wyze Ticket 300998]

Update: Got a note that this was also checked yesterday by the cam team but didn’t see any drop in overall connectivity rate (in aggregate), so need to look further. Will add info as we uncover more info.


I just tried re-setting up an existing working camera, and the setup process completed with the normal solid blue light. I turned off WiFi and successfully connected using cellular, so this may be a hardware issue on new cams, or we haven’t figured out what part of the setup procedure isn’t being followed.

@CaptainMark – I don’t think you will see a drop in connectivity. As near as I can tell from what I’ve seen, these are new users. Also, they can connect from inside their own network, so there is some interaction with the Wyze servers.