Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data

Same here. Received 2 cams and a pan. Blue flashing constantly. One cam is unresponsive, can’t clear out completely… the other is up and I was able to update it. Live view-able on same Wi-Fi as well as on home “-5” Wi-Fi, but not on cellular data.

I received my Wyze Cam V2 today and after setup the blue light on the back will not stop blinking. Also, I cannot access the camera unless i use the same wifi network the camera is on. I’m using the Wyze V2 with a SanDisk 32GB MicroSD, and iPhone XR on iOS 12.3.1. The camera’s firmware is updated to the newest version and i have tried power cycling, changing wifi router settings, and resetting the camera. My router is the Xfinity X1 if that helps at all.

So you went through the entire setup and the blue light is continuing to blink?

Can you see the cam on your wifi?

@Newshound might have another one

Thanks @WyzeJasonJ for the heads up. Yep, this sounds similar to a bug we users have been chasing.

For those having this issue, first a question: Are you able to access the live stream from a wifi network outside the network to which the camera is connected (but not over cellular)? It seems that some of you are reporting this situation.

In any case, I would suggest you try the following:

  1. Remove the SD card from the camera if installed
  2. Delete the camera from the app (Gear icon > Delete Device)
  3. Do a Factory Reset of the camera
  4. Set it up as a new device
  5. Without inserting the SD card, try to connect over cellular

If you still have the issue, submit a support ticket from the app (Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue) making sure to include the log file.

When you get your support ticket number, post it here. We will try to get to Wyze for escalation.

I have alerted Wyze about the issue in general.

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I already tried all the steps you provided, Still not working

Can you tell if you are able to view live stream from a wifi network different than the one to which the camera is connected? Do you have a support ticket number?

Yes I can view the live feed on the same WiFi network as the camera, but when off that WiFi I can only get notifications and view the 12 second cloud clip. Once back on the home WiFi I can see the live stream and view clips on my memory card again.

I’ll try the steps you listed and report back. I already have a ticket though, ticket 300927 but I didn’t include any logs with it.

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@Loki, Ues i can view livestream using wifi at home (same network) andf at a remote location (Office) or at a friends home. all via wifi.

If you read my previous comments, i can also use 2 phones (both IOS) and while on LTE cellular hotspot i use my 2nd phone to connect to the hotspot, then i can view live stream via cellular hotspot.

i hope this helps, i have been contributing to this issue a lot

That sounds a wee bit excessive. What’s the success rate on that?

I just tested multiple V2’s and 2 Pans on cellular data. All work just fine. I’m on the latest beta for all. Verizon network on a Pixel 3 XL. I also moved off the beta to check the release version and it works as well on cellular data.

And yours likely don’t have the flashing blue light I’m assuming.

Update: the blue light is still blinking after factory reset and power cycle but now I can’t even connect to the camera through my home wifi.

Just tried it on Home Depot’s wifi, nothing. Looks like some script/code got botched somewhere that or they shipped out a bunch with missing chips. Fun fact, there’s what, 3 of us that JUST bought our device and they already require factory reset?

I’m hoping it’s an easy fix and not a replacement issue. I’m in Canada so I would have to deal with amazon and that would just be a pain.

Nope, but what that indicates is that there is not an issue with the firmware or app most likely. If it was an issue with either the beta firmware, release firmware, or the app it would be able to be replicated consistently. The coding wouldn’t change from one V2 owner to another. This leaves the device itself or the wireless network it is connected to as the likely issues. I’m leaning more towards a physical hardware issue simply based on the fact everyone reporting it seems to have recently bought the units impacted.

I would like to follow-up with the team, can you share your ticket number?

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My ticket number is 300870

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Mine is 300728

All for those who are encountering issue can you send your logs so our team can look at the mac or log of the device? Here are the instructions to send us your app and/or firmware log:

  1. In the Wyze app, go to Account → Help & Feedback → tap ‘Report an issue’ at the bottom of the page.

  2. After you report an issue (like dbhoover and venom400) , in the Subject field, enter your ticket number: {#XXXXX}. In the Details field, just say “live stream not hooking up to cellular data”. Make sure to leave the box checked next to ‘Send log file’ option at the bottom of the form and tap Submit.

  3. This will pull up a new window for sending an email to the dev team with your log file attached. Use your default email app to send the log to us.

We will need more time to look at this as the pattern is still unknown. Thank you for your patience and sorry that you are having trouble.