Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data

App not showing live stream gets stuck at 3. But if I turn my WiFi on my phone it works fine. In my house.
When I leave my house and try to view the cameras using my cellular data it will not hook up. I have unplugged. And reset. Help!!

Perhaps the firewall on your router is preventing the data to stream out.

I will definitely check. I was not having any problems. But we had electrical issues so maybe that put a kink in it.


I pulled up my router setting but i am not sure what to look for on the firewall part…

Make sure you are running the latest application version and that you installed the latest firmware.

YEP… 3.93.62

When you are in your house and your camera and mobile are both connected to the same SSID (and you don’t have client isolation), the data will flow directly between the mobile app and the camera over wifi (probably going through your access point), i.e. mobile <-> access point <-> camera, not mobile <-> camera. But it isn’t going out to through your internet connection and back to the other device like it is when your mobile is at a different location.

The point is, when you are accessing a camera over the internet, your internet connection speed is an important factor.

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If anyone is interested I found a double hoop workaround. I loaded Blue Stacks android emulator on an old windows laptop I had laying around. Downloaded the Wyze Camera app from the google app store and logged into view my cameras. I am an avid user of google chrome and all of it’s features like remote desktop which works flawlessly on all my pc’s local and remote from my ipad or iphone via the IOS Google Chrome Remote Desktop app. Logged into my google account via Chrome on the laptop. Enabled remote desktop for the laptop and now I am able to remote desktop from my Iphone or Ipad to the laptop which is running the BlueStacks emulator connected to the Wyze Cams and it works pretty good.

I disabled the screen saver and power off when lid closed on the laptop. Closed the lid and stuck it up on the shelf in my office and just leave it running 24/7 with the BS emulator going and with one click on the remote desktop app now that I have skip the pin and remember the device. I can log in and see the cameras from the road.

A little bit of a duct tape jury rig but hey, it works. I just got a couple of these and I will try enabling openVPN on my AC1700 and using the IOS openVPN client to access directly later on down the road but I had the above setup going in 15 minutes and it gets me what I wanted. Pan/scan and audio works too.

It is nothing to do with Firewall from the cellular network. It is definitely an issue with the App.

From you phone if you hot spot to another phone (WiFi) you will get fast connections and clear streaming .
I tried this using iPhone XS host spot on to another I phone 6s (and vise versa) and it works.

So this eliminated the firewall issue of the cellular provider. I work with a cellular provider and i do not know any carries that blocks streaming. no one.

Wyze support will tell you that it is a problem with your phone, that is full of BS.
They do not want to admit that some firmware has broken this.

I had my cameras for a while now and a at first couple of months it works flawlessly, i bought more in fact i have 5 V2 and 2 pan cam down the line of firmware upgrades this is where i notice the change. Cellular Does NOT WORK !!! until today the support seems going back to … ummm pls check your phone BS.


I would not purchase another one of the cameras until wyze fixes this BS

Same issue here ! Not happy !! Will have to return this

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Just got my cameras in today and am running into this issue as well. everything is updated. This is kind of a let down since these cams had high reviews and came highly recommended

I also got my camera today and I can not connect via cellular either. Just WiFi. Definitely defeats the purpose of this camera for me.

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It would be helpful if the people responding that they are having trouble would all specify what type of phone, OS version, and carrier they are using. That may help Wyze focus on a solution. Also mention if you are using the beta version of the Wyze app, as that will need to be reported in the Beta group.

I just tested this on my iOS 12.4 iPhone 6 on Verizon with my WiFi off, and I can use cellular, no problem. I am using the normal versions of the current iOS app & firmware. If you are using iOS 13, well, you should have zero expectations, as iOS 13 hasn’t been released yet.

Also, if you fail using iOS, go into your “Cellular” settings and scroll to the apps at the bottom. Make sure you have cellular turned ‘on’ for the Wyze app.

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I am on IOS 12.4 iPhone 7+, cellular data is turned on for Wyze.

return them as soon as you tested then let wyze fix their [stuff] first

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there qe go again wyze kees in telling us there is some sort of a phone issue they think we are all stupid

ohh ok what is the color of the button?

IOS 12.3.1 iPhone 7+ for me

LOL. I do not work for Wyze. I am just a fellow user like yourself who pointed out some possible reasons you may fail to work on cellular. Most people would be appreciative of the assist.

I also asked for more info in case Wyze has a bug to work on. I see you did not add that info yet.


understund, i have an open ticket since 2 months with Wyze support and given all details including

  1. Flush software (support guy send me a link for this) Test Failed

  2. Re install the App - Verify the latest app version with support

  3. Go to beta. Test Failed

  4. Installed the latest firmware Wyze Cam V2 Test Failed

  5. Return to non beta Test Failed

  6. Apple XS IOS 12.4 not working via cellular LTE

  7. Apple 6s IOS 12.4 not working via cellular LTE

  8. Active Hot spot on iphone XS, Then use apple 6S to connect via XS hot spot, Boom It works Streaming was ok and in LTE was smooth

  9. Destroyed my V2 cam (i still have 12 of them installed in 2 locations)

  10. Replace to a Dlink Cam PAN HD - out of the box this works with cellular.

  11. DLINK cellular test in 3G working fine

  12. DLINK Cellular test in LTE - Perfect smooth pan.

I am working for a mobile provider and i am a technical person who working with networks. There is nothing connected to the cellular. Definitely this is an app or the firmware that was installed during the lifecycle from March 2019 till today.