Cant connect away from home on wifi

I am trying to connect to my cameras while at work from my iphone with Wyze App
I can connect if on 4g but if I am connected to the wifi I can’t.
I tried it from other places with their wifi, and it won’t connect.
Works fine at home and fine if not trying to use wifi.
Why is this happening?

The wifi at my work places block streaming stuff. I can view Wyze event video but can’t connect to the live stream. Might be your case too. I briefly disconnect from wifi on mobile when I want to view my cams live.

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Thank you Tony!
I can stream tv and movies on my phone, so it would seem odd the video wouldn’t work from here.
I did try it at other places like the library, a mcdonalds, walmart. It doesn’t work there either unless I disconnect from wifi. I also get notifications but cannot view them unless I am off the wifi or at home

I’d guess it’s the public wifis are just locked down in your area. Bummer! Glad I could help!

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