Losing live feed camv3

I constantly lose live feed when i attempt to view using my phone data on the app. Anyone else having this issue? They were all working fine until a month ago.


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So, it works fine at home when you’re on the same WiFi router, but doesn’t work fine when you’re using your mobile data away from home?

Sounds most likely to be one of 2 things:

  1. Upload bandwidth issue from your home ISP - Especially if you are using something like Cable which does daisy-chaining and often has horrid upload reliability. DSL at least has a dedicated line, unlike cable internet, but their upload speeds are usually complete trash. Fiber is a lot more reliable, but not available to everyone everywhere yet.
  2. Your mobile phone provider could be rate-limiting your data after X amount of usage, or have insufficient signal strength or something. A lot of them will give “unlimited data” but after you use a certain number of GB, then they switch you from having priority data, to have your data use be slower, etc until the next month bill cycle starts over.

Otherwise if it were on the Wyze side, I would expect it to be happening to me and some others too, and mine is not disconnecting.

I hope you can figure out the cause :frowning: That would indeed be very frustrating!

I am since the 16th and it has a 25 second delay on live view

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Yes, i am having the exact same issue ever since the 2/16/24 fiasco. When im connected to my wifi i can view and playback my cameras with zero issue. Soon as i turn my wifi off or leave the house, i cannot view my camera feeds at all. NEVER had this issue prior to the outage. Ive submitted logs explaining this same thing and nothing gets done. Clearly an issue, which i do not believe its my internet provider at home or my 5G coverage from tmobile. So, wyze should explore this further. Im already looking at parting ways with wyze since that stupid outage.

I’m also experiencing similar issues with my 5 Wyze cams - a mixture of v2, v3, and pan - for the last 1.5 weeks.

When on my home Wifi network I can view the cameras no problem.

When away from home, either on mobile data or Wifi at another location, I can sometimes see none, one, or a couple of cameras. With the others I get “Failed to connect, Error - 27” or “Device is offline”.

Very frustrating.

Yes, exactly. Especially with the error 27 codes consistently.

Ive rebooted, power cycled, factory reset, formatted sd card, added and connected to a wifi range extender (even tho all 4 of my cameras have full bars) and yet im still having issues, so idk whats going on but im glad you added your experience

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Camera ruined after update new camera added upgrade firmware and original camera still works pan v3 new camera solid red no longer connect solid red help 8 hours no luck

I have been reading a lot of posts lately trying to learn as much as I can as I install and start operating my new Wyze camera system. So far I have been doing everything strictly through wifi. That Includes my cell phone connection to the cameras. Based on your point #2, My next step will be to get a data plan with my provider. My question is pretty basic (I think)… If I mainly want to receive and see event notifications along with their related 30 second videos, along with perhaps watching perhaps 60 minutes a month of live stream, how much of a data plan do I need ? Not sure if that is an easily answered question, but some guidance would be greatly appreciated…

Here’s something I discovered after two cameras monitoring garage activity dropped offline within 24 hours. Unsure if related to the security breach issue, but the timing is within range.

First, I did all everything to reboot and reset both V.3s except flash them. Seemed like a hamfisted solution and probably, there was a simpler explanation. In my case, there was – although I’m not sure how this occurred.

Went into my router’s wireless settings, and discovered that new devices were automatically blocked from getting added to the network. Sure enough, both cams were on that list, along with a smart speaker. Took all items off the blocked list, attempted to add back into the network, and succeeded. It’s not a scary or complicated thing to dig into those settings (usually accessible through your browser). Good luck.

Great thing about wireless settings… I was checking all the existing settings so I could save each of them in case of an issue. I inadvertently turned on one of the settings (allowing me to prevent certain connections and it apparently turned off WPS at the same time. I could not connect my computer any more (no wired connection available on lap top) ARGHHHH… Fortunately I had taken screen shots of everything before this happened. I did a factory re-set on the modem and then went back in and added everything back to where I had it before. Back in service !!! Learning more than I wanted to !!

Can anyone experiencing this issue let me know if you are on iOS or Android?

Im on Android

I’m on Android (14).

@jdmsteven91 & @nfdsouza thank you for letting me know what OS you are on. Could you also submit a log and give me the log number along with the MAC of the camera. We are trying to find why it is doing this.

Anyone else experiencing this issue please recreate the issue, submit a log and let me know the log number along with the MAC address of the cam.

To find MAC:
Wyze App → Live view of Cam → Settings (upper right) → Device Info → MAC

To submit a log:
Recreate the issue. Then in the Wyze app, go to Account > Wyze Support > Submit a Log. Select your device from the dropdown menu. Then fill in the description box with the date, time, and time zone of the most recent time you noticed this issue and a description of what’s happening. Make sure the Send Logs option is selected and then submit your log. When you have the log number, please post it here as a reply to me so I can get it to the right folks.

Hello everyone experiencing this issue, we have located the root cause and are working on the solution.


Do we get any clues where the problem comes from?

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Ill be more than happy to submit the mac address of the cameras having the issue through a private message or submit them in a log but not here in the forums

Just saw your log request and submitted log 1335380, though it appears you have identified the issue.

Looking forward to resolution of this soon.

@WyzeJasonJ Can you provide an indication of when we can expect this fix?

An update would be appreciated.


As of friday we were still working on the fix, I have not checked in today but I will see if there is anything new.