Wyze v2 and v3 cameras having off days

I’ve been scratching my head trying to find a pattern or a likely source of the trouble, but I’m mystified with what seems to be my cameras having “good days” and “bad days”.

Today is a bad day, and I don’t think I’ve ever had this much trouble – my two v2 and two v3 cameras will load on my iPhone… slowly… step 1… step 2… step 3… and done. But then they’ll time out after a minute or so. Reboots or reformatting the SD card haven’t helped at all.

On a normal day, it seems random… maybe one of the v2 cams, or one of the v3s, or two of them etc.

I assume all of the traffic has to go through Wyze’s servers, so is that a likely bottleneck? Everything else on my network is nice and stable.

I should also note that the cameras seem to be otherwise functioning – events are coming in and things are being recorded. It’s just the livestreaming that’s very unhappy.

I should also also note that it’s about 95 degrees here in upstate NY today-- not sure if that could play a role.


Live view, in theory, is a local network activity. On your “bad days” is it possible you might be using your cellular data rather than the local connection? You could test by turning off your cellular connection on the phone.

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Also, make sure you aren’t doing high-bandwidth things with other network devices on those bad days, (like downloading files, etc).

The streaming is local to your network, so long as your phone is also on your local network.


@WildBill - I didn’t think the livestream was local. Doubtful that I’m on cellular instead of wifi; don’t think that would explain why some work when others don’t? But definitely worth me testing sometime but turning off cellular.

@Newshound - I actually was doing some heavy downloading yesterday, so maybe that was the culprit behind all my streams failing. Still not sure why 1 or 2 of them would still be dying so regularly on other days. I reported it to Wyze but didn’t get anywhere.