2.47.0(4) head bashing

I have no live streaming on 3 remote v3 cameras two in one city, third in another county. All local LAN functions are normal, both at home, and remote sites. Routers and modems all test normal. I discovered that it’s only on my phone app, 2.47.0 (4), but my wife’s phone 2.47.0 (6) works ok. Hers shows normal live, and events.
This just started overnight. Has been very reliable where the two cams are cosited. The single was spotty, then I debugged, and all was well for acoupla months, until last night. I’ve been putting dents in my forehead, trying to figure out where it’s broken. FYI, to prevent other cranial damage😁. My wife’s phone clued me it’s an app issue.
Don’t think it’s a cam plus issue since different behavior can be traced to app revisions.

Have you tried updating to 2.47.0 (6)?

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Yes. It fixed it.

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