Wyze Pan V3 Live View


I have 18 wyze cameras, 14 are v3 and 4 pan v3. Everytime I’m on the live footage, the 4 pan v3 freezes after 10 seconds. That happens to all 4 of the new pan 3. My other v3 cameras are working perfectly. Any buddy else have this problem?

Thank you

I installed 4 PanV3 alongside a couple dozen others. Aside from the already posted issues in other topics, I am not having any failed live streams.

Assuming your App Device and the cams are on the same WiFi when you are streaming, this would indicate that the Bitrate drops too far for the stream to be rendered. Try going to Account → App Settings and enabling the Hardware Decoder so that it uses your phone’s video processor to render the video.

Do you have a way on the router to look at the RSSI signal strength to make sure they are getting the appropriate WiFi signal? A weak, overcrowded, overextended, or intereference heavy WiFi network will cause this to happen.


I did what you told me and I enable Hardware Decoder and that fix my problem. Now I can live view without interruption.

Thank you very much for your help

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