Some Devices Having Remote Connectivity Trouble

We have been tracking connectivity rates since Monday and our numbers aren’t where they should be yet. We added more server resources but this doesn’t appear to be a capacity issue so we are still investigating. This is an issue affecting iOS more than Android and impacts groups of devices instead of all devices. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be updating this page as we learn more:


I am just over the moon with the communications and transparency you guys are having with us (customers). I think most of us realize that issues do arrise and you are addressing those. I have sold you guys to family members and they have became “Wyzers”.:grinning:

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03/08/19 12:00 AM - Our provider did server load balancing about 24 hours ago. From connection metrics we see that the connection rate went up by 2%-3%, which is very close to what we had before this service issue. We still have higher volume of connection reports from customers. We are monitoring.


I’m having connectivity issues with one of my camera’s–error code -90. It’s remote so I cannot power cycle the camera. May or may not be related but just letting you know since it was working about 3 hours ago.

Hello @LouN, have you tried to reset the camera through the app?

Yes, but going into settings I get a ‘Camera not connected’ message so I’m not sure if restarting the camera is even attempted or makes it to the camera. It seems to go through the motions telling me to wait 1 minute etc.

I have all the other cameras on site working normally. I don’t want to restart them for fear of losing them.

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The Reset Device option uses a different comm channel than the main feed, so it’s possible that it may work even though the camera appears to be offline. If it can’t communicate over this channel, you should see a “Failed” message pop up when you try to reset.

Hi Loki,

That’s good to know that another channel is used. But that means (since I didn’t see the failed message) that the camera is not bricked and is probably working. Looks to me that there is a backend problem somewhere and I will just have to wait. Thanks for your response.

Edit: Still cannot connect with this one camera. Noticed that when I do request a restart the restart gif hangs around for 5-6 seconds. I decided to restart another camera and the restart gif only appeared briefly (< 1 second). I am also able to restart my other camera’s similarly without losing connectivity. I am now questioning whether the restart on the non-functioning camera actually works. I will be at the location next week and will physically power cycle the camera and see if that helps. And if that doesn’t work I will power cycle the router.

Has this firmware issue been fixed yet? I am confused with all of the cross posts talking about the camera crashes since installing the new firmware but I dont read anywhere from Wyze that they have identified and fixed the problem. I knew better than to involuntarily make myself a beta tester and download this latest firmware debacle.

So, has this issue been fixed yet and I mean fixed and I dont have to uninstall-reinstall my camera, I dont have to pull and reformat the SD card, I dont want to flash my camera and install a code on my SD card, I dont want to contact Wyze for a service ticket and wait for weeks for a response: just tell me; has this firmware been fixed yet?

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Those rotten apples…:grinning:

The vast majority of firmware upgrades are successful but sometimes there are problems. I gave your feedback to the team. Most people that had an initial issue had it resolve by power cycling. I know that you’re not wanting to wait for our support if something happens but you’d be welcome to contact me if you end up in that boat (though hopefully that would not happen).

We have several Wyze cams. One of the v2 is always needs to be restarted. I have moved it, deleted camera, reset it, etc

Sorry to hear about this! I’d recommend contacting our support people if you haven’t yet. That definitely shouldn’t be your experience. Here’s the form for getting in touch with them:

Thanks for reply

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You’re welcome! I hope we’ll get that sorted out for you soon. :slight_smile: