Away from home and CAN'T CONNECT!

My camera has worked fine other than needing to format the sd card with my pc. I found that fix on google, but fixes like that should be prominently displayed somewhere. I cannot imagine my parents finding that solution. This is a must, I believe, since you have no customer support to answer questions.

The night before I left, my camera worked fine as usual. The next day at the aiport it didnt connect and today I see that you updated the app and/or the device which has caused this. Did you hire people from Microsoft? Have you heard of QAing things before going live with them? Some people actually use your camera for very important, maybe the MOST IMPORTANT, things in their lives. From what I read here, most of the posters seem to be young techie types and this is one of their toys, but let me remind you others are relying on your camera to guard their major assets and loved ones.

Please take this seriously and fix it ASAP. Before you roll out an update make sure it works or give us an option to to go back to the previous version. Maybe advise us not to automatically update. Rtight now I have no idea if everything is ok at home. If I would have known this was going to happen I would have doble checked things before I left. You better hope everything is ok when I get back.

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Good evening,

Earlier, @WyzeGwendolyn posted that they are having some users with connectivity issues. The issues were actually preset for some users before the update.

Have you submitted a support ticket via the application yet? If you have or have not, when/if you do, make sure to select the log files. This sends the logs of the app to the Wyze team. This also helps them dig down deeper and see what the potential problem could be.

I have posted the link to the service notification below. I hope this helps! :grinning:

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Thank you for fielding this, Demonfire. :slight_smile:

@briandesevill2, we are deeply sorry for this issue and how it has impacted you. I’d recommend contacting our customer support in case it’s a different problem but it is possible that this is the server issue that Demonfire mentioned. This is our top priority and we’ll fix this as soon as possible. In case you want to check with support, here’s a link to the form to save you some time:

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