Major Problem after firmware update

I have 3 cameras. One is remotely located about 2 hours away. Two are at home.

I punched the upgrade .102 button for the remote cam a few days ago. Working perfectly before upgrade. After upgrade, it will not connect. The circle just bubbles half way up for hours. I submitted a email trouble ticket <span style=“font-size: 12pt; font-family: Helvetica;”>16973 three days ago, but haven’t heard back.</span>

This morning, since the remaining cams are with me, I decided to upgrade one of them. Everything loaded normal. When it tried to connect, the circle bubbles half way up and alternates between “connecting 1/3” and “authenticating 2/3” . Both cams are now inop.

Cam 3/3 works normally with the old firmware (no update to .102)

Any suggestions on what I do now? I cannot touch cam 1/3 for the next two weeks.

MAC address of cam 2/3 is 94:51:3D:13:91:ca

Have you tried unplugging , wait 30 seconds and then re-plug the camera (The one in your possession)? Or completely close the application (Eliminate it from running in your background processes) and then re- open the app?
See if those helps

OK, we have some progress. I shut down all viewing devices except one, and did a hard reset on that one.

I then unplugged cam 2/3 in my possession, and it reverted back to the old version, because it asked me to upgrade to the new version. So it is now working.

Cam 1/3 (remote) still will not connect and just bubbles.

I hope someone at Wyze responds to my trouble ticket, but until then, I would think twice about upgrading to the new version if you have remote, untouchable, cams.

Many thanks dvc2005 for your advice!

I’ll let everyone know when, if, and what Wyze support says.

Anyone else experience similar?

I upgraded and had the same problem. After going in and out of the program on my phone several times it finally connected.


Can you let me know your support ticket number so I can look that up? Thanks!

Ticket number 16973

I had the problem as well, tried to resolve it by unplugging the camera, then trying to reset, no go…

So deleted the camera from the app plus hard boot/unplug, re-associated the camera with the app as if it was brand new, the camera re-associated and picked up where it left off as if it had not been deleted (suspect the MAC address may have had something to do with the recognition issue as if it had not been deleted). None of the notifications and/or recordings for that camera were lost in the app or on the SD card and were re-associated with the camera as noted above as if nothing had been deleted. Then instigated the update again, it worked and we are back in business happily chugging away. The second camera had no issues with the update and did not require attention after the update.

Same issue here. Repeatedly pulling the plug eventually gets it to connect.

Yep! Tech support finally got back to me and said same. They suggested re starting phone app, but that didn’t work. No big deal unless cams are hours away, which mine are. Lesson learned…no more updates unless I can touch cams.

Still, for 20 bucks, amazing devices

Thanks all for all replies!

I am having what appears to be the same problem. My notifications worked fine for a month or so but it appears that since an update my notifications work for a few days an stop. Last time a reboot of the device fixed it but hopefully a fix will be found. I am able to connect and view through the device but I stop receiving notifications. It started on January 13th but not sure what version it was running then and it started again on the 19th and the current version is Not sure what version it was running on the 13th. Perhaps there is a log I can check.

I have the same issue. Cam worked fine on Firmware but tried upgrading to the latest firmware and it fails every time. Now I was forced to run to setup and the Cam can’t connect to wifi.

During setup: Plug in Cam, steady Yellow light, then the light goes out after 20 sec, next hear 2 ding dings.

Hit the reset/update button, runs through the setup correctly but fails to connect.

I’ve deleted the Cam from the app (have another Cam on old firmware running good). Reset the power (waited 10 min).

Nothing seems to work…

Same problem here… Brand new just opened the box when setup was complete I upgraded the firmware and it would not connect… setup 2nd cam Did Not upgrade and it works fine.

I had the same problem today. I was notified about a firmware update, so I installed it. Now I can’t connect my camera. Frustrating. I have tried rebooting router and camera multiple times and nothing has worked.

Hey SunWyze… I’m having the problem again, do we all need to submit trouble tickets to get some resolution? Is there an update in process to correct?

The old firmware worked flawlessly, so its a shame we customers took a step backwards.

Please let us all know the status of resolving this apparently common glitch.



Having the same issue just got my 3rd camera and this one will not connect, the other two work great, is there a way to go back to a previous version of firmware?

I’m having the exact same issue. But it’s only happening on 1 of my 2 cameras. The latest firmware update seems to have caused the issue, but not to all the cameras.

Sounds like what happened with me. Bought 4, worked great. 2 from latest order worked then stopped working. 2 of them shut off by themselves, had a hard time rebooting but they did reboot.

Since Amazon had them back in stock, I ordered a couple to play hardware roulette … can always return the ones that don’t work.

Support sent the following and this work for me. Camera is now working but I’m staying away from the latest firmware update.

To perform a Factory reset on your camera, follow the instructions below:

Leave the unit plugged in and power on. Press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the unit for 20 second. Allow at least 30 seconds for
unit to initialize, in some rare instances this process can take up to 5 minutes. The LED on the back should move from Solid Yellow, to Blinking Yellow.
The device is now ready to be setup once again.