Remote Live Stream nearly impossible today

I PMed you as well since I still am having the same issues again. The funny thing is that I have 2 cameras purchased around the Holidays with no problems but these two cameras are fairly new and cant seem to stay connected outside my network. Could it be a hardware issue?

@WyzeGwendolyn, you have @lenisimo1 here with a nice test case – two older cams that work and two newer cams that dont. His point about a hardware issues is valid given theses cams likely cam out of difference batches. However, given @WyzeTao comments that streaming server load balancing is achieved via a mac address hash, it would be interesting to see all four of his mac addresses to see how their hash compares. Are the two failing ones hashing into the “problematic” servers and the two good ones hashing into the other servers.

Here are Tao’s comments for reference:
Here is the mystery. It turns out the affected server will only impact a portion of devices, not all. It is not based on physical region but based on the grouping assigned by our service provider. If your devices happen to be in the group, you will experience the problem (slow connection or connection failure). If your devices don’t belong to the affected groups, you can connect without problem. We just knew this yesterday night through our analysis. We don’t have the knowledge of which group your devices belong to since the info is on our service provider side.

cornarch51 and EdgesUp2U, our service provider verified both of your MACs are in the affected groups. Sorry your devices are affected.

The issue in the end boils down to server capacity issue. One beefy physical server was down and is being repaired. More servers were deployed however the cloud servers have lower network throughput comparing to physical one. We are working on another attempt to support all the connection request. Thanks for your patience!


You need to turn on a VPN app on your mobile device while the WYZE folks get this figured out. The camera is great and you should just wait until they get the issues worked out. These are great little cameras for the price point. Just a suggestion.

I am not trying to be negative but these servers being used are over taxed from all the data WYZE has given out to date. Well, it is also proven that if you use a VPN (which uses different servers it works every time!!! Then get off these servers for heck sake. Fix the problem once and for all. You are threatening the very people that keeps you in business. This should be worked 24/7 until it is fixed and maybe someone is doing that but it appears from the outside looking in that it is being slow rolled. How to get a fire started under the folks on top to get this taken care of is urgent. Are you not in the business to get live streaming for all of your cameras? Send out the call to arms, hit the fire alarm, call in the extra troops, etc… get this done. I am completely in your corner and want this product to continue succeed. Just it seems “we are working it seems to appear to be kind of casual” it has been 7 + days that this has been on and off again. Keep pushing but harder. May be it is a good time to get your own servers out there. Keep smiling.


@WyzeTao here’s something interesting. My live stream remote connection is still terribly unreliable and inconsistent. WIFI in the home network still 100%. I was traveling for work the last two days in British Columbia, Canada. There, when checking the live stream, it worked 100% of the time. I checked as @caymanpersichini who lives where I do (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) was still having the above issues. Since returning from the West Coast, I too am experiencing the above issues. Wondering if it’s a server dedicated to the East? Thought my experience might be helpful for troubleshooting the real issue. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the information, everyone. We’ve started ruling things out but we’re not quite there yet. Here’s the most recent update:

We know that this isn’t right yet and we’ll get this solved as soon as possible. The feedback that you have all been providing us has been super helpful and we appreciate you.

Update 03/07/19 1:00 AM - We have been working with our service provider on this. The server capacity is enough but there is load balancing issue on some servers. Our service provider is going to adjust the load balance to make sure no server has very high requests. We look forward to this change to get back to normal service status. Sorry for the wait!


Now that you have had them “balance” this out you have killed my connectivity to my cameras. Had no problems till this morning. Android and IOS. Neither will connect

This morning (7:10 AM CST) all four (4) of my v2 cameras are connecting and start streaming in around four (4) seconds.

Working very well.


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All three of my V2 cameras are up and running fine on both WIFI and LTE in the Midwest this morning.

Updated firmware on all three (one at a time, no bulk update), no problem.

Also tickled pink that I was able to update my iPhone 5C with the new IOS app update yesterday … since the previous WYZE APP update said it wasn’t compatible. Thanks for “retro-fitting” me back into the mix. (I know, I know … way past the time to get a new phone, but hey, the 5C still works!)

So keep up the good work.

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FYI…A load balancer is a device that distributes network or application traffic across a cluster of servers. Load balancing improves responsiveness and increases availability of applications. Load Balancer Types. Elastic Load Balancing supports the following types of load balancers: Application Load Balancers, Network Load Balancers, and Classic Load Balancers. Application Load Balancers are used to route HTTP/HTTPS (or Layer 7) traffic.


Can you share out your MAC and how it failed? Did you fail at step 1/3, step 3/3, or video freeze? Did you not have the problem since 2/26 but only until this morning?

Glad to hear the iPhone 5C works now!

I never had this problem. It froze at 3/3. Started at 6am EST. Started working again around 12pm. All good now

Steve Herr

Got it. Thanks!

Had all three of my v2’s working great yesterday now today one of them is barely staying connected at 360p.

Hello @jymkym1, are the cameras connecting but the live stream is choppy or lagging out?

I did not check cellular auth/connect performance yesterday but it is improved today over the earlier part of this week. The stream bitrate will occasionally drop to zero, but it will pickup again without initiating a re-connect as it was doing. This is the best performance Ive seen in two weeks – at times the cams were really non-usable for remote viewing via cellular. I really know nothing about Wyze’s infrastructure but I suggested they look for a congestion point over a week ago. Its an Occam’s razor variant whereby the simple, most obvious solution is more likely to be correct. Check for a capacity issue in the servers or the network. Granted, our cellular auth/connect issue was not widely reported, but I suspect many/most users arent logging in remotely every day so they didnt report. And as I understand it, the cam MAC address hashing may have filtered the issue to an even smaller group. Im seeing a fair number of technically astute users here and on the FB group. When we say we have a problem, we have a problem. I appreciate Wyze’s increased focus on a resolution. At the same time, I encourage them to listen more closely and take our complaints more seriously, so they can realize, identify, react quicker. This really, really shouId have been resolved in a couple of days versus a couple of weeks. I continue to a supporter and look forward to future success.


Live stream was choppy, dropped out all together a few times. This was happening on WiFi and cellular. Right now all three seem decent, connecting fine but I’m holding my breath to see how long it lasts.

Yesterday I got 100% remote connection away from home and using my cell phone carrier - this was 8 separate connections in total. So for, at least now, the connectivity problems seem to be fixed. Let’s hope they stay fixed.