Survey of WyzeCam owners

Power cycling a camera via the app is really needed. Hoping this is in the works for a future SW upgrade.

Agree 100% it would solve my problems being remote from the cameras, just hoping this is something they are considering. Also wonder if the next version of the camera coming out in a few weeks will solve this problem. Considering 4 of my 5 cameras have this problem it should be the highest priority from my point of view. I have held off recommending the camera to my friends and on the forums I frequent because of these problems.

So you can’t connect to the live stream but the cameras are still sending notifications? Do you have any cameras that can’t connect and also aren’t sending notifications?

I have 4 of the 5 set up to send me notifications 24/7, one camera only during daylight hours since it looking through a window and can not see anything at night.

So 1 camera I can not connect to but sends me notifications (24/7 camera) and the other camera( looking outside) I can not connect to and does not send me notifications.


All of the cameras have this card installed


6 cameras all plugged into Wemo Mini Smart Outlets. All on same wi-fi router. All have issues connecting with any regularity. All have issues holding connection while streaming video. All have issues reconnecting after drops.

Now this is all anecdotal, as are all comments in this thread. What interests me is how were these cameras tested. Did they simply test on the office router with a commercial setup or did they test on as many possible router and provider combinations as possible. Did they try the on and off approach such as mine or only on “always on” connections (seems an oversight if they neither thought about geofencing or the allowance for multiple boots and reconnects).

I have already pre-ordered a v2 so that I can do a direct comparison on connectivity and reconnection woes. I have a sneaking suspicion that they have fixed the connection issues in the hardware and the v1 folks will be left out in the cold with non-functioning equipment (at least those that don’t have the perfect setup).

As stated above, one of my cameras is on fw 102. I have NO streaming, connection nor re-connection issues (after a power or wifi, network, provider failure) using either internal or external network access.

My problematic camera is on firmware 2.30.

I am still using Android app version 1.1.55 since newer versions have anoying portrait / landscape switching glitches.

Nothing anecdotal in my case.



funny. these are all anecdotes of people’s experiences with the cameras. they are not scientific or evidentiary in any fashion. Anecdotal is not an insult. It’s an accurate description. One person may have perfect success with what appears to be the exact setup as another person. What does that mean… Nothing really. Now if Wyze tracked the failure rates of their cameras across all users with enough documentation of setup, then that would be evidentiary of something. Otherwise, it’s just anecdotal.

Omg…what are you trying to prove?

All I am saying is that I have NO connection problems with firmware 102. My connection problems started with firmware 2.30.

Simple enough?

great, but you wrote, “nothing anecdotal in my case”. I understand what you wrote. Seems like there is firmware & OS issues. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit, but it’s still anecdotal. Once again, that isn’t a statement to diminish what people are experiencing, but simply to point out that this is all it is, your experience, hence anecdotal.

The response is accurate. Everyone’s posts about issues are just anecdotal evidence. None of us are posting scientific proof of anything, just simple observations.

Well sorry English is not my first language so I can miss some subtlety here and there. However, I do not need scientific evidences, in my case, to realize that firmware version 2.30 has connection issues that 102 didn’t have. I install version 102 on my cams and it works. I install version 2.30 and it does not. Stalls on either getting video data or the first step. Experience re-connection issues that I never had before, etc.

it just seems strange that many users are having connection issues with fw 2.30 that they didn’t experience prior to that version. Maybe just coincidental? I doubdt. But nothing scientific here, jut my opinion based on my personal experience (using version 102 vs 2.30), observations here on this forum, on Android app reviews and Amazon.


I don’t doubt that the new firmware has issues, but I wonder if it is related to OS, router/wifi setup and mobile device in addition to glitches in the code. You may have issues that didn’t exist before, but others may not. I never ran on the previous FW as I was still going through the process of figuring out which cameras to buy (for 3 months) and just got my WyzeCams about a month ago.

As I have expressed elsewhere. V1 of the cameras are truly just Beta models, so it is no surprise that they are glitchy beyond description. Unfortunately, it appears that the early adopters for Wyze are being charged to Beta test the hardware, while the “seconds” are going to get the improved V2 at the same price.

And many users are not experiencing issues with either firmware. The newer firmware was likely released to fix issues some people had in their network setups. There are likely multiple issues that appear similar. You can only fix things when you understand what the problems are. That requires “scientific proof”.

I got a cam replacement 3 weeks ago and it was running firmware 102. So I am surprised that your’s came with the newer version 2.30 pre-installed. I’m in Canada so that might be why???

I was hesitant to upgrade the firmware to the latest 2.30 version since that was the exact same firmware that had previously brick my other cam. After a few days of hesitation, I decided to upgrade. It brick the cam again. Fortunately, there was now a way to flash either firmware 102 or 2.30 from the SD card. I tried it and it worked. Well it worked with version 102. Version 2.30 just refused to connect to the router.

Honestly, I have no problems with my beta v1 cam when using firmware 102 except for the software application side. Especially motion detection. 12 seconds motion video every 5 minutes does not suit me for a security application and there are way too many false positives. I still think that these can be adressed through software enhancements.

This thread started as a survey about users experiencing connectivity issues.

All I can say for my part is that I do not have any when using firmware version 102 but I do have many when using firmware 2.30.



How do you know that many users are not experiencing issues with either firmware?

And I am not here to start a debate about “scientific proofs”, therefore, I will ignore the rest of your replies.

I’ve had no issues with any of our 19 cameras connecting from the original firmware through the latest firmware. Some of the cameras have 3-5 walls to go through. A couple are upstairs in a bonus room above our garage.

We have a Netgear AC1900 router & an Apple AirPort Extreme as an access point wired back to the router connected to a 32x8 channel gigabit modem (1000/50 down/up). I have the 2.4GHz & 5GHz WiFi networks named differently on both the router & the AirPort Extreme. For example, if the WiFi network is named Me, then then I name the 5GHz network 5G-Me. I’ve found that some devices have problems connecting to WiFi if both band networks are the same name.

There are literally millions of possible configurations of network & WiFi equipment. It’s amazing technology works so well.

Hmm that definitely sounds like some unique issues! I am not part of tech support but if you do want to email our support and troubleshoot what we can while you are away from the cameras’ location just let me know the support ticket number and I’ll prioritize it.

Thanks for the offer I will be home in a few weeks and plan on contacting support so I can resolve these issues.

Question did you have the camera in two different locations connected to different wifi networks. Are you able to view both on your phone. My issue is I have two homes and want setups in both.

Not acceptable, as the cameras are 1,400 miles and seven months away.

One of mine is on the same UPS as is the WIFI router, so power outages of but a few dozen minutes should be protected. A local outage by the Spectrum folks was resolved and the cameras reconnected without fanfare.

At this point, given the chatting in several threads here, I’m more worried about attempting any future firmware updates (since I have no practical way of pushing a Reset button by remote control).

Kudos to the WyzeGuys for the continuous updates, however (I would appreciate landscape mode for the iPad ASAP).