These connection issues are getting ridiculous

I’ve tried to be patient but it’s wearing thin. I’ve not been able to connect to my cameras live view for days (although sometimes I can if I refresh the feed over and over for like 30 minutes. But sometimes even then it still won’t). This has been an issue for at least a week but if I waited, I could eventually connect to maybe one camera at a time. I thought it was my internet causing the issue but it was not. On the support page, the service status updates show that this wasn’t just me for a few times throughout this month, that they are having issues with a partner service and that things would be resolved and affected again. The last update was from 12/14 saying we are aware there are connection issues and the partner is doing maintenance and that “If you are having trouble connecting to your Wyze devices, please try again later”. Dude… I’m not paying a monthly subscription for “please try again later”. I understand it is not something that Wyze can fix directly and they are probably just as frustrated that their partner service is causing such issues for their customers, but I feel like we could at least get an update after a week right? Is it just me? I HATE when people complain just to complain and especially over a little issue from a service that has been fantastic otherwise. Which is why I’ve been waiting as patiently as I can and keeping my grumbles to myself. But after a week, I don’t feel like this is just a little issue anymore. This service isn’t free. And I have chosen to purchase multiple Wyze cameras and pay their subscription fee over other brands. It just seems like there should be something more that can be done or at least keep the customers updated regularly.


The EXACT same thing is going on with me. This is CLEARLY nothing to do with our camera’s…

After the LAST UPDATE of both the APP and FIRMWARE back in Oct/Nov. All my camera’s stopped connecting…

I get error code 20008 and 20005… and it’s a real hit or miss to connect.


Has NOTHING to do with us… Just look at GOOGLE PLAY STORE and you’ll see a bunch of people saying the same thing all starting after the last update of app and firmware.

There is a REDDIT post with over 100 people responding with the same issue. I’ve contacted support 4 times and it’s always the same thing… RESET, DELETE, REINSTALL, did all that.


Went from 2.47.0 to 2.48.0 and most cameras threw code 27, had to refresh several times before the cameras would behave and load in group view.

Once I got them working after App update they seem okay for now, will post update if I got Wyzed and they stop working again.

With Wyze you never know if an update is bad as their testing sucks and they’ll release it with bugs…

EDIT: WYZE SUCKS! V2.48.0 doesn’t load group view as well as 2.47.0 did, guess I will have to roll back to 2.47.0

Wyze programmer’s Suck

EDIT 2: Wyze is Craptacular


Well Wyze your Application v2.48.0 (379) Sucks as does your Alpha and Beta Testing.

Rolled back to v2.47.0 (373) and ALL the issues I encountered with v2.48.0 are GONE :rage:

Edit: APKPURE has the older versions of Wyze Apps for those wishing to roll back defective application versions


APKPURE is for Android app (APK’s) and I see you may have iPhone.

Sorry but I don’t do IOS and not sure if something like that exists?

For Android this is the link below

Click on “old versions” and then select 2.47.0

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Look here in this search for iPhone app roll back

I’ve been having the same issues for the past couple of days and have done all the troubleshooting steps they suggested. I’m moving on to a new camera this is ridiculous and definitely not worth the aggravation


I just made this video to show how Wyze cams perform with a properly configured router.

This is on a 9th generation iPad running iPadOS 17.2

App version 2.48.06

All cams running the latest firmware (not beta)

The router is a Tenda AC23

The mesh network is a Tenda MW6

So for all the people having issues, RECHECK YOUR NETWORK.

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Nope not buying it’s my router, problem is only with v2.48.0 and Not v2.47.0

If it were my router then all versions of App would have the issue.


I agree that it is a version issue. The one camera i upgraded no longer connects and the two that i did not upgrade do connect and they are further away from the router. I also am on iphone. Wyze needs to fix this. If their answer is buy a new camera then thats a bad business model. I had another camera that crashed this summer. I am mow wondering if it was due to a version upgrade. Wish i would have paid attention.

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I have to honestly agree. I do not believe it has anything to do with the camera’s and more along the line of EITHER or BOTH FIRMWARE/APP update.

Far too many people, including myself are experiencing connection issues coincidentally after the v2.47.0 upgrade.

And if this MESH WIFI (whatever that is) is now more of a requirement to get a WORKING/RELIABLE/FAST connection, that needs to be mentioned in the requirements or suggestions when purchasing because I never had any issues before that update…


My OG cams connect fine, but none of my V3 cams, 23 of them, will NOT connect, even after power cycling.


This is why I am dropping Wyze. This exact issue put me over the edge. Reolink is SOOO much better. What good is saving money if you can’t get what you want out of it?


Anecdotal evidence aside, my network works just fine. My new Reolinks have no issue at all. I have left my multi-camera Reolink desktop software running for three weeks . Not one single feed has failed. I’m lucky if my Wyze cameras go 3 hours. To suggest that everyone on this forum has bad networks is kinda silly.


I see others here with app versions higher than me yet this is the version I get from the google playstore?

My app says, google playstore says it’s yet it’s only sending me

yet I also see someone posted they have 2.48.9 ??

Tom G,
I’m sure you have a lot of experience properly configuring a router that most of us lack. Could you please elaborate on what is the specific configuration required to get multi view working reliably for Wyze cameras? There are a lot of people who would benefit by your sharing your experience with us.

Thank you in advance for the time you spend on sharing the settings required.

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The same thing keeps happening to me also… it just disconnects and i have to restart the cameras at least ever other day… if i was out of town these would render useless…i love everything else about them though.

Every router’s configuration is different. I know the best settings for my Tenda router. Other routers are configured differently.

Every Wyze WiFi device connects to the MW6 nodes. I have two nodes upstairs, one on each end of the house and one in the basement.

Perhaps post the manufacturer and model number of your router and if someone has that router successfully configured, they will jump in.

I have found Wyze customer support to be totally useless. You always get the respinse that they are working on the problem but there is never a resolution. If you cant fix the problem yourself, dont expect Wyze to do it.

I have to honestly agree 100% with you!

I’ve NEVER been able to get a suscessful support from them. It seems they copy/paste the same answers.

I told them about all the steps I did to try and fix a connection issue and they repeated the same thing I did…

I went to a lot of trouble video capturing a whole issue, complete with full description and they sent me the same response and it didn’t show they even clicked the link… I donno… I gave up and went to here for my support.