No connections on V2 cameras after 7/23/21 "upgrade"!

On Friday, 7/23/21, I obediently did the “upgrade” to all my cameras, as the Wyze pop-up dictated. Great! An improvement! I have 7 Wyzecams and a Wyze Watch; NOT THE OTHER dozens of products that may or may not have benefitted from “upgrades”. But my 5 V2 cameras now show “Connection failed (error code:-68)” PUNISHMENT, once again, for Wyze serving their own needs while doing damage to the service and product we paid for. Wonder why my two V3 cameras are still working right? Why doesn’t Wyze test this first, instead of doing fixes on their pet products and leaving the rest of us struggling in the dust with more irritating headaches? Upgrades with most companies are a good thing.


For what it’s worth, I have two Pan cameras (both with RTSP firmware), 18 V2 cameras (16 with RTSP firmware), and 11 operational V3 cameras. All are working just fine after the upgrade. In fact, I am finding connections to be faster.

If you have 2 or more cameras (unless you are really brave) NEVER upgrade all at once.
Upgrade ONE, make sure your essential functions work, then upgrade the others.

Almost every mfg. tweaks the Android OS. And then then there all the different versions.
Add to that all the various hardware platforms and I figure there is no way Wyze can be sure your hardware will react the same.

Now if Wyze would only sell an inexpensive Android tablet GAURANTEED to work with their past present and future app versions people would complain. But I would buy one.


They won’t. They don’t test their releases.

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Have you tried a force close of the app? I’ve had to do that for each camera that was updated.

Just tried it. Will stand by. Thanks.

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I like the idea of the simple tablet for use of the Wyze app. But, also hope that the tablet and app would be stable and not require frequent updates that are buggy.

From your phone/tablet, go to Wyze app Home > Account > About. Are you running app version 2.22.21 (or higher if beta)?

Cam v2 and Pan firmware 4.x.7.798 requires Wyze app 2.22.xx.

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I’m still use android app version V 2.23.12. And I do not see an app update yet and our V2,V3,Wireless Outdoor Camera’s are working just fine we did the firmware upgrade on the Wireless Outdoor Cameras and everything is working just fine.

2.23.12 is the latest beta version (as of this moment).
No update for it.


We know that it’s the app we have it’s the main app but we have a lot of items that we listed as beta testers

I got 2 emails from Wyze about needing to update the app for new firmware updates. One was 12 days ago and one was 5 days ago.

Here is the text from the email 5 days ago:

Dear Friends,

This is a final reminder that starting July 21st 2021 , we will begin gradually releasing camera firmware that is no longer supported by Wyze app versions 2.21 or lower as part of our security updates. If your app is not updated to 2.22, you will no longer be able to access your Wyze Cams after updating their firmware .

If you haven’t updated your Wyze app already, please take a minute and update your app today. If you have any secondary devices that you’ve used with the Wyze app, you may want to check their app versions to make sure they’re updated.

If you aren’t sure if your app is updated, you can check this in the Wyze app by opening the Account tab, going to About, and reading the number under the Wyze logo at the top of the page. If you’ve already updated, please disregard this email.

To update your app, please search for “Wyze app” in the Apple App Store or in Google Play. You could also click on the links below and follow their instructions:

iOS App Update

Android App Update

Thank you for your time!


The Wyze Team

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That email went out to all customers, if you do,our have your phone,tablet,iPad set to auto Updates then your all set

Having a problem with one of mine that was updated Saturday, now it wont allow me to live feed, just keeps buffering “Connecting” until three tries are will send sound or motion video clips though.

When I installed the “upgrade” , it occurred to me that my 5 V2 cameras gave me trouble, but the 2 V3’s did not, and that this is Wyze pushing us into Cam Plus. I seem to recall that the original Person detection on V2’s is set to expire in August and require Cam Plus to continue it. Get ready.

Try force closing the app on your phone and reopen it. That seems to be a fix for some.

Interesting we have over 14 of the V2 at sites some do not have cam plus,and when our service technicians did the firmware I was advised that there was no issues at all,we have been replacing the V2 with the V3 much better all around camera

Link to official announcement? Probably a false rumor. V2 Legacy PD isn’t going away unless Wyze is ready to tackle all kinds of legal problems.

My impression was that for those of us provided with the old PD on V2’s - after August there would be at a charge of something like $1.49/month (~$18/year) or discounted at ~$14.99 if paid yearly. I could be mistaken.

Deleted the app off my phone, factory reset my cameras, then loaded the app back on and it seemed to cure it. Started Saturday after an update on my cameras.

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