V3 cam availability May 2023

I have multiple Wyze cams with the V3 indoor outdoor the one I recommend to people wanting a reliable affordable camera. Is the camera still going to be available… I see it’s out of stock on Amazon.ca and Wyze Canada. Hoping it’s just a supply issue!

AFAIK the v3 is not discontinued and it is simply experiencing a supply issue.

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According to the U.S. Wyze web site, the white V3 is currently available in either a one or two camera pack. The black cameras are not currently available. Amazon also has white V3 cameras available, although one listing I saw said delivery 31 May.

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My local Home Depot has v3 cameras in stock and can also deliver within 2 days.

Many thanks! Amazon Canada has 2 packs of V3 today. Still no singles! Have alerted friends to the 2 packs… great deal.