Wyze Cam V2 no longer available?

Is the Wyze Cam V2 no longer available?

Should be able to find them at Home Depots and Microcenters I believe. Why not go the v3 route?

Some links I found:



It is available in black only on Wyze. You might still find them in white at other retailers if you shop around.

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They are not for me. I have all V3’s now. But I have a new V2 in the box and a neighbor wants it and 2 more so I am trying to find two more so they all match.

Does the neighboor know the upgraded features and capabilities that they’ll be missing out on? :slight_smile:

Why would I tell them that? :joy::rofl:

I’m sure if they Google it they would know but down here in Colombia it’s a bit harder to get them so they won’t miss the extra features.

Looks like a few V2’s are available down here: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.co/MCO-546835160-camara-wyze-cam-v2-blanca-_JM#position=3&search_layout=stack&type=item&tracking_id=ed2bbf3c-616b-4eaa-9256-eef6ba763700


Looks like they are out of stock of the black

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2 Pack FREE delivery: Saturday, May 8


Not available at the present time

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That’s odd. I literally just bought one the other day. For some reason I thought they’d remove it from the website once it was out of stock as it was limited edition run. My apologies for the oversight!

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I just looked over there think that was like last week and they were available then

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Yeah, I bought mine on the 28th. It’s in packing right now.

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I have 3 V2 Wyze Cams for sale now. They’ve been used inside our home and work great. Contact through here initially if interested. Tom

I have 10 V2’s if anyone wants them. Pretty useless even when they actually work. 4 are new in the box. Two do not recognize the memory card, and two keep going off line and have to be rebooted. We went to Reolink which works a lot better (i.e, all the time) and seems to respond to tech service better (the one time I needed it). Wyze refused to replace the defective cameras.

Well! That was quick. They are all gone now. I got a reply that does not show up here, and has a no-reply address about someone wanting them, so I am sorry, but they went the same day.

I have 4 Wyze Cam Pans and 5 V2’s I am selling all work great and have been used in the house. If interested contact me at va_computerman@yahoo.com