Wyze cam & spotlight deal on Amazon

I am not sure if it is appropriate to post this here so mods feel free to take it down. I figure all cameras sold is good for Wyze. Amazon is having a great deal on V3 and spotlight if anyone is interested. $37.34 Amazon.com

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Its a wyze factory store they have on Amazon, nothing to do with Amazon it’s still wyze

Good! Looks like a great deal.

Yes very cheap


Crazy! They just lowered the price again so it’s cheaper to buy the cam and spotlight then it is to buy the cam by itself.

There’s also a bundle showing CamPlus for slightly less but no matter how I stared I couldn’t find out how long the bundle was.

Well buy it

Has anyone purchased yet? I am a supporter of WYZE, but I’m not following how the pricing from Amazon would be that much cheaper. I always assumed that the “member discount” from WYZE would always be the best deal.

We uselly buy on Amazon due 2 much easier for return

Bought one. Not really needed at this point. But couldn’t beat the price.

There is absolutely no warranty for Wyze product purchased from Amazon Canada.

Hell it so cheap send back to Amazon

Couldn’t pass up on the deal… just waiting on the light… Cam came in and is fine