With a beam of light, intruders take flight! - Wyze Cam v3 + Spotlight Bundle 8/10/21

Make your next home security camera shine with the Wyze Cam Spotlight bundle. Light up the dark with a beam of light using Wyze Rules like triggers and schedules. Keep potential intruders away or just use the extra light to help you see at night! Available now on wyze.com


I hope this version works better then the current one. Constant troubles and restarts of cam with the .16

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Can this Spotlight be attached to older Wyze Cams? Or does it only fit on V3?

Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight Kit

Only V3s. But I doubt it will work any better then the stand alone spotlights. I have sent ticket after ticket and the spotlight really do not work

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Is the spotlight available as a standalone accessory if we already have a v3 cam?


Hoping to buy separately as well.
The FAQ section for the spotlight says it is sold separately, but there doesn’t appear to be a place to actually do that. Maybe stand-alone purchases are coming…

It’s listed in the store, but it looks like a V3, so you might miss it. Anything you don’t find you can search for using keywords like “spotlight”. Of course you have to know what they call it, which was my main problem when I wanted a replacement band for my Band. They call them “straps”, lol.


This is clearly the same V3 Cam and standalone spotlight available now in the store, but in bundle form. Having a hard time seeing this price and thinking of what I paid+shipping before for both of these separately. That said…V3 is a great cam.

Ah, I had missed that. Thanks! Reviews are iffy, but testing one is probably worth twenty bucks. My v3 is still in a box actually and haven’t been following this much.

Thanks. I was looking at a different page or something I guess because I didn’t see a lot of things here before.

Yeah, another odd thing is you have to click the “Shop” link twice to get to the list of products.

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Not very brilliant, :slight_smile:
About as bright as 6 candles.

you don’t need much light for the v3’s sensor to show excellent color visuals. I’m not really into floodlamps anyway.

Also saw this in the aisle at Home Depot.
Easy returns and instant pickup :grin:

Why not flood IR lights 920nm.