Wyze Cam Spotlight KIt for PanCam3

The Wyze Cam Spotlight Kit is a great accessory, but for some reason is only enabled in the firmware of the WyzeCamV3, so it doesn’t work on V2’s or even the WyzeCamPanV3 that I bought it for.

If enabled, it probably couldn’t sit atop the PanCam without interfering with motion, but given its long cable, it could be mounted elsewhere (e.g., under the mount), but since the firmware hasn’t been updated to all this (or any) accessory to work on any cam other than Cam3, we’re stuck.

When launching a new feature or accessory, the aim should be to make it compatible with as many items as possible (including backwards compatibility for those of us that have been on the farm for a few seasons)

Wyze missed the mark here…anyone want a light?

Yes. I like the functionality of the pan feature. This was the first camera I bought for my home to test out. I placed it on my front porch facing the front yard and driveway and loved that it would track vehicles coming and going . The issue I ran into was it night. Although the night vision is not bad, if it had the function of a spotlight add-on, it would be able to show in full color mode . I wanted to get more and place them around my home but due to no spotlight I only bought one.
So due to this I had to buy the OG cameras that had the spotlight just not the pan feature. I would love to see a kit come out for the pan as with the v3 camera.